02 Jun 2019 05:07am IST

Report by
Dolcy D'cruz

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02 Jun 2019 05:07am IST

Report by
Dolcy D'cruz

Social media plays a very important role today in connecting Goans to things that interest them and keeping in touch with the right people on social media is very crucial

In the world of quick content, it is important that

the right message reaches out to the community that one is a part of. In Goa, too, various groups are very specific about the kind of content that gets uploaded or shared on their social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are the main platforms where messages about future plans or new releases are mostly shared. With a strong entertainment, news, music and leisure community in Goa, it is the easy availability of information that is appreciated by the receivers.

Cafe speaks to a few members of different spheres in Goa:

I have pages on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to promote my music and I also have my own YouTube channel, where I upload my own music compositions. I also produce music videos on my channel. Usually, I compose music in my leisure time, not on a regular basis. Too much of posting can also cause slander, which no one likes.





As I've been in journalism since the age of 19, getting into books was later a kind of natural progression for me. I've been active on social media since 1995, which will soon be 25 years. I use a lot of email and I post new content every day via email.


Journalist and Author



I keep the trekking community informed about future treks through emails, which is the main source. I also use Facebook and Whatsapp. We have a big family of trekkers in Goa which is nearly touching 2100 members and though it is a blessing to have social media to be connected, the big family ensures that the trek gets full immediately after it is announced. We have now started with a wish list where those interested receive a prior imitation, which they have to respond to with payment in 24 hours.


Founder, Eco Treks



I post about food at least 2-3 times a week on Instagram and I also have a food blog and a website called the Hungry Wolf. I get a lot of feedback from followers, especially those who visit the restaurants that I post about. I have now started an Instagram handle called The Hungry Wolf Pack, where I tag those who tag me in their stories once they visit a restaurant. I am known more by my Instagram handle than my own name and I also prefer it that way as I can visit restaurants anonymously and review them fairly.


Food blogger

(With inputs by Gunjal Patel)

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