02 Jul 2020  |   05:01am IST

Fighters for Goan causes in Goa and abroad, to unite digitally

A group on a digital platform has been established to connect Goan expatriates with those living here and to help them with advice and other resources in their fight against the forces determined to destroy the beauty of the state
Fighters for Goan causes in Goa and abroad, to unite digitally

A commendable move has been initiated to connect Goans living abroad with the realities of life on the ground in Goa.  The man behind this initiative Daryl D souza said it was aimed at the Goan expatriate who was concerned about how Goa was being destroyed by corrupt and manipulative people and would like to help those of us living in Goa who are trying to make it a clean, healthy, eco-friendly, traditional, artistic, cultural, self-sufficient, local economy that is ethically governed.

Goans across the globe will be asked for help through references, contacts, resources, ideas and  technology sharing, people support groups, project funding, event funding, funding for legal proceedings against wrongdoers in Goa and also funding for social services in the area of health, food, farming and environment, education and arts and culture in Goa.

Varun Carvalho dentist and singer said it was common sense to join such a group. He said “Hopefully we can connect with Goans across the world for help. I think if we bring all our energies together, we will be able to do something good for the state. People living abroad are disconnected from the realities on the ground and here there are so many of us working at the grassroots level. It will be a good synergy”.   

The Facebook page called *Global Goans Helping Goa* aims to help those fighting the many corrupt forces who are destroying the state. The founder of the group Daryl felt that these forces could not win and they would not allow it to happen. He said they were striving to make Goa a beautiful, yet modern and orderly place, hopefully a place that Goans overseas may like to return to one fine day.

He added that all posts would be checked for authenticity by the groups administrators and moderators the posts in this group will be authentic calls for help only from people living in Goa and they will be things that all who live outside Goa can help with. 



Iddhar Udhar