Herald: Fitting a destination wedding into your budget

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Fitting a destination wedding into your budget

06 Dec 2018 02:47am IST
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06 Dec 2018 02:47am IST
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Destination weddings are in vogue, with Indian stars going abroad and international personalities coming to India to tie the knot. But destination weddings need not be only for the affluent. Here’s how you can manage the cost


Are you planning to have a destination wedding?

According to wedding planners, more and more Indians are opting for destination weddings this year and the cost can range from a couple of lakhs to crores. “Destination weddings business is growing. Of the 15 weddings we managed this season, 12 are outside India,” said Kunal Rai or a destination and event management company.

However, destination wedding doesn’t always mean an extravagant affair. “The cost depends on the number of people you call and the type of property you opt for,” said Sanna Vohra of a Mumbai-based wedding portal.


For overseas location, the top priority is flight connectivity. According to Rai, the UAE has emerged as the top wedding destination because of the short duration flight. He is organising six weddings in UAE between November and March. Turkey has also picked up as a popular site. “An Indian family needs an infrastructure. For a 600 people wedding, you will need 300-350 rooms at one location. In Turkey, there are hotels that host 600-700 people easily. Indians don’t want to spend money on indoor venue,” said Rai. Vohra says popular destinations include Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka. In India the top destinations are Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Goa. “Lonavala, Mussoorie and Kerala are popular too,” said Vohra.


The cost depends on how much the family wants to spend. “For a wedding in UAE, you will have to shell out around Rs 7.5 crore for 600 people for two nights. A UAE wedding would cost Rs 90,000-1.25 lakh per person excluding airfare for a two-night event. For Europe, it will cost you above Rs 3 lakh,” said Rai.

If you think domestic destinations will be cheaper, planners say it is not always the case. “Rajasthan is not a cheap option. A wedding in Udaipur and in Dubai will almost cost you the same. If you want to spend money on décor then both places are expensive. If you want to spend on food, Dubai will be expensive. For the wedding that I am organising now, there are 40-45 chefs who have travelled to the UAE just for the food,” said Rai. Sometimes, destination weddings can cost you less than organising weddings in a city like Mumbai. A wedding in Sula for 150 people will cost you Rs 1.5-3 lakh and will be cheaper than one in Mumbai.


You must start planning six to 12 months in advance. Start with décor. “Real flowers can be expensive. You can do a prop-based décor and use more local flowers. Also, you can opt for a day function as a day menu costs lesser than a dinner one. See if you can have an outdoor ceremony. See if you can get a friend who can do photography for you,” said Vohra. The costs also come down as the number of guests for destination weddings are usually lower.

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