22 Oct 2021  |   04:53am IST

Folding paper into an intricate art

Ayush Shinde a young artist has learned the intricate art of Kirigami which is a Japanese art form and he learned this skill from his mentor at school a few years ago. His talent is very evident in the art he has created
Folding paper into an intricate art

Dhiraj Harmalkar

“Every child is an artist. The

problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” Pablo Picasso has rightly said and true to his saying lots of support, guidance and consistency is required for any artist to give an edge and excellence in his art form. A 13 year old young boy from Vaddem named Ayush Shinde is trying to create his own amazing world by his Kirigami art which he got inspired by his mentor from his school a few years ago.

During a candid conversation with young Ayush Shinde, it was learnt that when he was studying in standard 6th, he came across Origami and the Kirigami Art work which was practiced and had displayed by his mentor Brother Arthur Rodrigues in his school Regina Mundi.

When asked more about the Kirigami art form, he said that this is a Japanese craft art which involves carving, cutting papers, folding, glueing and illuminating the final craft. Whereas on the other hand, Origami art involves folding of papers in a particular manner to create some art figure.

When quizzed about what made him take up this form of rare art which is not much popular and practiced in Goa, Ayush informed that he saw his mentor Brother Arthur carving some beautiful art work of some plain paper with help of some tools such as cutters, some sort of measurement board. After that Ayush got some guidance from Brother Arthur too who supplied tools such as cutters required for carving papers and also taught some nuances of Kirigami art.

During the time of CoVID19 pandemic when the schools were shut and there were restrictions on movement, Ayush utilised that time in making several art pieces and framed them. He informed that there are more than 20 Kirigami art frames made by him and some more are in the process of completion. When asked about time required and ideas he gets to take up these artwork,Ayush said that time to make one frame varies, sometimes it takes a week and some time even it takes one or two months. I have seen some Kirigami art work online, did some reading about the art and my observation of surroundings also helps me and inspires me to do various art works” he added.

Later when questioned about what he tends to do in the near future, Ayush said that his parents, teachers have supported and encouraged him to do such constructive things. If given an opportunity and backing then he would like to excel in this Kirigami art form.

Meanwhile, when asked, Brother Arthur Rodrigues who teaches in Regina Mundi school, he was all praise for his student Ayush Shinde and added that at such a young age excelling in such a rare craft art which requires lots of patience and concentration is amazing. Kirigami art is a beautiful art and this needs to be promoted by encouraging more students to learn it. This art if pursued and taken up professionally then it could open avenues to earn income for the practitioner.


Idhar Udhar