Herald: Footsteps to a healthful life

Footsteps to a healthful life

10 Jan 2019 04:18am IST

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Nicole Remedios

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10 Jan 2019 04:18am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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Fashion, celebrity gossip, Netflix and PUBG are the hottest criteria that people indulge in in today’s era. Yet, health and fitness stand out attracting millions. It is in fact a trend. Café takes a look at traditions, trends and people’s opinion on living a healthful life

“Being healthy and fit is not about a particular

technique,” professes Flora Janarthanan. One’s choice to stay fit is neither impossible nor unaffordable; one can undoubtedly use natural methods of weight loss in case of a tight budget. With advanced science and technology, an individual can lose weight within a month. It is certainly not a cakewalk, but dedicated work and effort leads to a positive outcome. This also means sacrificing. Yes, sacrificing your junk and fast food. It takes the inner conscience to be firm in making a decision.

A narrow-minded thought that exists in this generation is that one must starve oneself for a slim physique. To some extent, they practise eating less and skipping lunches without acknowledging the potential negative aspects. No! That is not what staying fit is about and it definitely isn’t about the zero figure contexts. This could lead to some serious health issues.

Skipping meals can also cause your metabolism to slow down. Did you know? When you skip several meals and remain hungry you actually begin gaining weight! What’s more, you begin binge eating. Have you ever felt unfocused or have your mind wander away from your physical state? It is the lack of your mental focus through unsupplied nutrients to the brain. And like the classic health issue, you’re prone to diabetes. Not very classy huh!

A normal-sized lunch and dinner is a healthier option and a better way to cut calories than skipping lunch altogether and eating a huge dinner. Eating a good mid-day meal is a great way to keep your metabolism ticking and out of starvation mode.

“Don’t starve yourself,” exclaims Aideen Nunes. The trick is to eat in order to lose weight by eating the right things. The right proportion of food is prevention from the feeling of hunger. “Honestly, I’m still working on my weight. I have taken a break from dairy products as it contains tremendous amount of fats, with the exception of yogurt.” She sarcastically expresses that the easiest way for reducing is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Besides that, it is essential to consume ample amount of steamed veggies and baked food items that are less oily, and perhaps use olive oil as a substitute.

Having a good diet includes having organic products and plenty of water. Water is a natural detoxification element, a slow process, but effectively helps in many ways. Apart from the gym techniques, a blissful walk at dawn or twilight could precisely work some magic; the human body doesn’t demand food alone, but also fresh air and silence.

A known fact by nutritionists is that protein is quiet important in a diet for losing weight without muscle loss. Other things to avoid in a diet plan are low carbs, sugar and starch. Lemon water with honey or green tea on an empty stomach every morning is a healthy way of starting the day. This habit could be used not only for the weight loss purpose but to clear your skin and purify the digestive system as well.

If one really wants to reach their goal by the end of 2019, then a strong will is the power dose here. Priscilla Dorris, a hairstylist who has taken an initiative and resolution for this year, expresses,” Firstly, tell yourself you want to lose weight; secondly, make it your goal and alot it a certain amount of time; a discipline in your diet is important. Once I achieve it, I’m not going to stop, as stopping would take me back to square one. We need to be healthy to be wealthy.”

The entire idea for a healthy lifestyle is adapting a positive attitude towards life. “Basically, being healthy and fit is not about a particular technique,” professes Flora Janarthanan, a personal assistant at a bank. Flora follows a simple method of Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is a term for multiple eating protocols. It has become the world’s most popular health and fitness trend. Normally, the best suggestion one follows on a diet is ‘what to eat’; but intermittent fasting is all about ‘when to eat’.

The term of Intermittent Fasting was introduced long ago. This dates back to the ancient old tradition. Due to the unavailability supermarkets, refrigerators or food all round the year, hunters and food gatherers used this method of fasting; eating patterns were followed under discipline.

According to Health Line research on intermittent fasting, when we fast, several things happen in our body on the cellular and molecular level. Insulin sensitivity improves, cellular repair initiates, and changes in the genes protect the human body from particular diseases and acts as a very powerful weight loss tool.

Leaving this aside, a lot of people use various styles and diet plans. The diet plans are suggested by the trainers or nutritionists, which are to be strictly followed. Some of the most common ones are The Zone diet, Ketogenic diet, Vegetarian diet, Weight Watchers diet, South Beach diet and raw food diet.

“Never give up on what you want to achieve,” describes Suhas Naik, a student and photographer. He discloses that he was a lad wearing XXL shirt and 42 Jeans size. Working hard towards maintaining himself with a healthy diet and cardio, Suhas proudly states that he now wears medium sized shirts and 32 sized pants. “It was not something too hi-fi that I followed in my diet; just resisted the temptations of ice-cream, sugar, soft drinks and oily food.” He has conveniently reduced from 105 kg to 78 kg.

When you remember the old proverb, ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, we have learnt from it that a person needs exercise and some fun too; this is exactly what Videsh Kavlekar, three-time winner of Mr Goa, follows. His elementary formula for a fit body and a healthy lifestyle is working out, jogging and playing basket ball. “I haven’t achieved my goal yet, although I can say that I am progressing towards it.”

At times, fat loss is irrelevant because if the body fat is under control one is healthy; otherwise it may lead to being underweight, which is absolutely ailing. Of course, if the fat is excess, it should be considered as the prime focus. It involves determining the fat percentage in order to decide how much weight one should lose.

At the end, its one’s own will to make the right choices of living a healthy lifestyle. It is not about the size, or about the appearance, and especially not about the comparison. It is simply the act of loving oneself.

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