23 Feb 2021  |   04:28am IST

Fr Bolmax and others awarded

Activist priest, the very popular Father Bolmax awarded the Casmiro De Mello Konknni Puroskar, at Antonio Pereira Konknni Puraskar ceremony conferred by the Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendra for his contribution in fighting the good fight. Other significant contributors to the language were also commended with awards.
Fr Bolmax and others awarded

Noted social activist Father Bolmax Pereira has been awarded the Fr. Casmiro De Mello Konknni Puroskar for his contribution to the Konknni language by writing on different topics in different magazines. 

He was one of five individuals commended at the 31st Annual Antonia Pereira Konknni Puroskar ceremony held over the weekend. Speaking to Café, he said he was informed by the organizers that he would be awarded for writing on topics, writing songs for tiatrs, composing and even performing in tiatrs. In addition they said he had been conducting awareness campaigns to save the environment. He was also vocal in highlighting the wrongs being committed in society especially when it came to the environment. And finally the fact that he had roused the youth to take up environment issues was much appreciated. He said “They also highlighted the revival of agriculture in Chicalim by the Chicalim Youth Farmers Club and also being part of the saving the oysters campaign in Chicalim. I am not convinced why they gave it to me. I decided to accept it because I wanted the youth of Goa to know that whatever they do for Goa will be acknowledged. The youth should never feel they will be ignored . I have done little things not big things. In the end this award will not mean anything if the cause we are fighting for is not achieved”. 

During the ceremony a number of Puroskars (awards) were given by Dr. Varsha Kamat, the chief guest of the day. A minute of silence was observed to pay respect for the deceased Konkani stalwart, Late Fr. Vasco do Rego and Konkani promoter and activist priest Late Fr. Conceicao D’silva. The programme began with the National Anthem followed by a small Konkani bhakti song. The youth of Chicalim parish under the guidance of their parish priest, Fr. Bolmax Pereira rendered three beautiful songs during the programme. The function was well attended by Konkani lovers and writers coming from various parts of Goa. The attendance for the function numbered to 100 plus. 

Along with these puroskars the Kendra also gave some scholarships to the meritorious and deserving poor students.