29 Mar 2019 05:08am IST
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29 Mar 2019 05:08am IST
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After five editions of Herald’s one of its kind

‘GoenchoAvaz’, many upcoming and budding singers of Goa have found exposure and a strong platform on the tiatr stage to showcase their singing abilities.

Several tiatr directors who have worked upon their new productions, have roped in the winners, besides the contestants of ‘GoenchoAvaz’ and thus brought many singers into the limelight. Those artistes, after stepping on the tiatr stage for the first time, have garnered further confidence and won easily the hearts of the tiatr audience.

The singers of today and future tiatrists of tomorrow expect a bright future on the tiatr stage, with offers flowing from several directors after every entry in a new tiatr. They do not expect much in terms of remuneration from their directors, but audience appeal is their biggest reward.

Peviola and Wilma Dias from Loutulim participated in Herald’s ‘GoenchoAvaz’ 2015 edition and Peviola along with Jesmond won the second place in the duet category. In 2016, Peviola won the third place in solo singing and Wilma along with Anson Gomes carried away the third prize in the duet category.

“As sisters, we were very much in tiatrs and were part of the Agnel de Borim troupe for the Kala Academy’s annual tiatr competitions,” informed Peviola Dias. “We participated as singers in five tiatrs of Agnel de Borim and won several prizes,” she added.

“Herald’s ‘GoenchoAvaz’ two editions served as another platform to showcase our singing talents and win audience appeal,” said Peviola, “and thereafter, offers followed from many tiatr directors and today we are serving the tiatr stage with our melodious voices.”

Recognized today as ‘duo sisters’ and ‘singing siblings’ on the tiatr stage, “except for some directors who provide their songs to us when participating in tiatrs, most of the songs, which have themes on love, family, word of God and Goa, carry our own lyrics, compositions and music,” revealed Wilma Dias.

Having won audience appeal, besides coming up to the expectations of the tiatr directors, these two sisters wish to continue on the tiatr stage and continue rendering songs in the form of solos, duos and trios.

Carey Fernandes from Majorda is a born musician, with a talent for singing. He participated in Herald’s ‘GoenchoAvaz’ 2016 edition and won the second prize in the solo category.

Before his entry in the ‘GoenchoAvaz’ edition, Carey participated in Michael Gracias’ children’s tiatr ‘Music...Music...Music’. It was presented at Tiatr Academy Goa’s Children’s Tiatr Festival, where he played the lead role with violin on stage and won the best actor award.

Last year, during the Lenten season, Carey was part of Jr Reagan’s troupe and featured as a singer in ‘Happy Easter’ and of late in ‘Superstar’. Being matured as a musician, he performed for Pal Soares’ tiatr ‘Thank You God’ and will make an entry in Prince Jacob’s Easter production ‘EkGhor Don Chulli’ as a keyboardist.

At ‘GoenchoAvaz’ 2015 edition, Stacey Mesquita from Candolim reached the final round and thereafter received offers in around 20 musical shows across Goa, mostly in south Goa. She admits that her talent was recognized and ‘GoenchoAvaz’ served as a good platform for success in future on the tiatr stage.

During school days, Stacey was part of Tomazinho Cardozo’s dramatic troupe and participated in 4 productions at Kala Academy’s tiatr competitions. Thereafter, she joined Matias Mascarenhas’ troupe and was part of another 4 productions.

Taking note of young and budding talent, Milagres de Chandor roped in Stacey in four of his productions and it was a big leap on the professional stage. She was also part of Menino de Bandar’s troupe in tiatr ‘Visvas’, where she rendered a solo as a rich tribute to noted actor, late Antonette de Calangute.

During the season of Lent, as a singer, Stacey also found a place for herself in Jr Reagan’s shows ‘Happy Easter’ and ‘Superstar’. “Entry into tiatrs is only a golden opportunity to showcase and grow in your in-born talent,” she says.

Stacey also received an offer in a Konkani film, which is due to be released by year-end. After wide exposure in tiatrs and musical shows, she feels quite confident to face the tiatr audience and rendition of songs is just the right cup of tea for her.

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