19 Mar 2023  |   05:39am IST

Getting the focus right

Indian photographic talent shines in the World Photographic Cup giving ample evidence of the talent present in the country
Getting the focus right

Ajit John

India’s photographic talent was showcased at the World Photographic Cup held in Singapore. The two day event which ended yesterday was attended by 32 countries. The Indian delegation was headed by Goa’s very own Rohan Goes who was nominated as Team India Captain.

Speaking about the experience Rohan said, “The World Photographic Cup is like the Olympics for photographers and this year 32 countries participated. Each country can have only one team. Team India did quite well this year too. We had one photo in the Best of Nation Awards and a photograph in the Top ten finalists in Natural Landscape and Illustrative Portrait Category, getting in the top half means getting closer to the medals. Last year team India won a Gold medal in the Portrait Category”.

The Indian team consisted of Aaron Lopes, Ambika Agarwal, Ash Page, Brijesh Makadia, Jassi Oberoi, Madhur Nangia, Manguirish Palkar, Swati Chakraborty, Tapan Sheth and Srivatsan Sankaran.

This is the third time Rohan is representing team India at the World Photographic Cup as a Team Captain. Rohan is also a member of United Asian Professional Photography (UAPP) and also a Getty Images photographer. Team India participated for the very first time in 2021 making its debut in the World Photographic Cup. In the competition there are eight categories and 3 medals in each category. The highest scoring team wins the Trophy. Mexico won the Cup this year.

The World Photographic Cup is governed by an international committee supported by FEP, PPA, AIPP and UAPP. The World Photographic Cup is the only competition that brings together the worldwide photography community in an Olympics-style competition. World Photographic Cup is an international event where Professional Photographers from different countries compete in eight categories namely Commercial, Illustration / Digital Art, Nature Landscape, Wildlife, Illustrative Portrait, Natural Portrait, Reportage / Photojournalism, Wedding.

Rohan and his team members would be glad to have sponsors to support their travel & accommodation for such events and to keep competing to get in the top 3. Next year’s World Photographic Cup will be held in Texas, USA and Rohan is inviting photographers from pan India to participate in various categories. Rohan said, “This time we spend our money to go to Singapore. I’m looking for sponsors who will be willing to compensate the expenses incurred”.

One can only wish them well and hope they bring success in the years ahead.


Iddhar Udhar