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Giving your whole being for the glory of God

Giving your whole being for the glory of God

Pio Esteves

The story revolves around two brothers, Domingin (comedian Dominic) and his brother Ruzarin (Rosario Botelho). The latter is a bachelor while the former is happily married to Dorotin (Dola). As Domingin and Dorotin are childless, they adopt Ruzarin’s illegitimate child, Jennifer (Jennifer), born outside the wedlock.

Jennifer is differently abled, but Domingin and Dorotin shower their ample love and care upon her. Jennifer also finds attention at Gracias Home, which is run by Sir Mario (Joe de Areal), who carries forward the charitable task of his late father Gracias.

In Gracias Home, there are people who are physically challenged. They include Meena (Meena Goes), who is born deaf, Elias (Elias), who is lame and walks with the help of clutches, Jose (Jose), who is blind and Tony (Tony), who is dumb. Although all the inmates are differently abled, none among them feel lost or lonely as they care for each other.

But Ruzarin thinks otherwise and tries to speak only ill of others. As his thoughts are wicked, his words also turn destructive towards others.

Ruzarin’s brother and sister-in-law try to help him mend his wicked ways, but to no avail. On a visit to the Gracias Home, Ruzarin does not hesitate to make mockery of all the inmates there.

Over a period of time, what is Ruzarin’s fate? Is he punished for his misdeeds? Will he rectify his wrongs? Watch the second half for the answers.

Late Fr Nevel Gracias’ 25th Lenten show ‘Mhaka Nitoll Kor’ carry a message worth reflecting during the season of grace. The message to all the viewers is about cleansing from within and utilizing organs of the body for service of others and God’s greater glory.

All the artistes have given a fine performance on stage. But Rosario Botelho with his protruding front teeth and Jennifer as differently abled stand out among the rest. Differently abled that she is on stage, Jennifer’s dress code could have been simpler. Comedian Dominic as an absent-minded husband and Meena Goes as deaf also add to those lighter moments.

In between the acts, there are a few scenes from the Bible which include Mathew’s call by Jesus, cleansing of man with evil spirits and other scenes.

Comedian Dominic, Rosario Botelho and Meena come together for some lighter moments on stage and the comedy is well balanced.

In the section of songs, at the onset, Elias renders a song as a rich tribute to late Fr Nevel Gracias. Soon, Meena and Jennifer follow with the opening song. There are solos by Joe de Areal, Jennifer and comedian Dominic. Other songs are rendered by comedian Dominic and Meena, Elias and Dola and Jennifer Dola on the issue of garbage. There are two trios by comedian Dominic, Meena and Joe de Areal on migrants and Dola, Elias and Jennifer on patriotism. The band has provided soothing music, and Lenoy Gomendes has also assisted with the background music as well.


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