18 Jun 2022  |   05:50am IST

Goa Revolution Day: Time to unite again

Goa Revolution Day, one of the most defining events in the history of the state, is celebrated on June 18 every year. It was on this day in 1946 that the people led by Dr Ram Manohar Lohia and Dr Julião Menezes started a mass revolution to take back their homeland from the Portuguese that finally culminated in the region’s independence on December 19, 1961. It’s been 76 years since this historic event occurred. So, how does the Goan youth connect with Revolution Day?

Shashwat Gupta Ray

Also known as ‘Kranti Din’, Goa Revolution Day is observed to recall the acts of valour and sacrifice of freedom fighters who fought for the liberation of Goa. Do the youth of Goa feel connected with his momentous occasion? This is what they had to say:

To me it is the day when our State gets united again despite of the religious and other indifferences that we’re observing today and living a life of harmony. This will happen when every youngster of goa understands and works on their responsibilities towards the state.

- Richa Bujji,

student at Vidya Prabhodini College Porvorim

The Revolution of Goa against the Portuguese has forever been etched in the history. The Unity and the bond between the people of Goa regardless of their religion is what protects the heritage and culture of Goa and has been for so long and will continue to do so. It is up to all the people who love the land of Goa with all their heart to continue the revolution against whatever that tries to break the bond between the good people of Goa.

- Akilesh Mulvi,

software developer

For me Goa Revolution Day means a day of unity. People of Goa stayed united back then and are still united to fight against any issue that is harmful for Goa. It is a day to celebrate the unity of the people of Goa, a day of remembrance of the sacrifices made by our forefathers and a day that taught us the meaning and power of unity.

- Aniket Prabhu,

student at VM Salgaocar College of Law

The people of God under the leadership of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia stood united to fight for our rights. It’s my honour to join the people of Goa today and to pay respect to all our freedom fighters who have struggled for our State, which has made a spectacular progress since liberation. I salute all our heroes who stood firm and fought until their last breath.

- Natasha Ajit Hallikar,

student at St Xavier’s College

On June 18, 1946 people came together and fought for the cause of freedom. But now the meaning of revolution which we should inculcate in ourselves is to work hard on the idea of revolution in each sector, keeping in mind our beloved motherland and its heritage. Each one should wake up the revolutionary inside them and should work for the betterment of our State.

- Tanaya Rawal,

student at Vidya Prabhodini College Porvorim

As we remember the Goa Revolutionary day let us salute and remember all the freedom fighters who struggled for our Goa and sacrificed their lives for us. I pay my respects to all the freedom fighters because of their struggle and sacrifice we were free from Portuguese dictatorship. I urge the people of Goa to continue to dedicate themselves to hard work, communal harmony and unity to promote prosperity and peace in the State of Goa.

- Adv. Swapnil Khot


Idhar Udhar