08 Jan 2021  |   03:39am IST

Goans in no hurry to get vaccinated

The virus that swept away all resistance has now a vaccine that has been developed by multinationals. But reservations have been expressed in some quarters. This begs the question, how willing will everyone be in taking the vaccine. Do people feel fearful around it and more importantly should the government pay for it or should each individual pay for it.
Goans in no hurry to get vaccinated

Ajit John

The vaccine is now being used in countries in the west and India will commence the operation of giving its citizens the vaccine sometime later this year. The vaccines developed abroad and one in India has attracted all sorts of comments. 

Yes I will take the vaccine, no fear, the vaccine was not introduced by politicians but by scientists who worked long hours all over the world. The scientific community has certainly worked overtime. We need to have faith in their expertise. This vaccine will be successful only if each and every person takes it. With regards to the cost I strongly believe it should be free as it is happening around the world. Instead of wasting money on building statues, it should be spent on humans.

-Marius Fernandes

No, I am not willing to take the vaccine as of now. Yes there are fears around it as taking the vaccine can cause side effects and adverse reactions. I think the Govt. should pay for the vaccine to make sure it's accessible to all, as it won't be affordable by the poorer sections of society.

-Anaita Dcosta

I am 18 years old and no I am not willing to take the Vaccine. There is no 100 percent guarantee of it keeping us Covid-19 free. On its contrary, it might infect us. If the government goes ahead with the campaign, I strongly believe the government should pay for the vaccine.

-Taarini Parashar

I will under no circumstance be willing to take the vaccine as of now. I've heard about its side effects and I am fearful, I don’t want it in my system. We are paying our taxes and I believe for those interested in taking the vaccine, the government should pay for it.

-Ankita Atre

If given a choice, I will not take the vaccine as clinical trials are not convincingly successful. I would rather rely on preventive measures like social distancing, avoiding crowded places, wearing a mask and maintaining personal sanitation. Enough information is not available pertaining to the vaccine itself and its effectiveness and thus doubts are bound to be created in the minds of people. Doubts obviously lead to fear. With the drastic drop in the number of covid19 cases and also a dearth of infrastructure in the form of storage, transportation and delivery it would be a nightmare to provide free vaccination. Taking into consideration our population, it will be a huge strain on our economy if the vaccine is made free for everyone. Measures can be worked out to make it available at affordable rates. Economically weaker sections can be provided with vaccines on a free of cost basis.

-Dr Junsa Mudras

I am not willing to take the Vaccine now. I don’t know what the side effects are and that is the cause of my fear. I feel it is better to follow all the precautions given by the government earlier. This is an experimental vaccine and the government should pay for it.

-Vibodh Bharadwaj

I'm willing, but it should be effective and have no side effects. I have no problem paying for the vaccine.

-Priyanka Indulkar, Panjim.

Nope, I am not willing to take any improperly tested vaccine made in such a hurry. I trust my body’s immunity. Thanks but no thanks. The people taking the injection should be made to pay for it.

-Ricky Noronha

I’m in no rush to take the vaccine. I’ve already had and recovered from (asymptomatic) Covid-19 so I think I will wait and watch for any long term effects in those who’ve taken it. I do think the vaccine is likely effective though, and if I had to take it, I would be happy to pay a fair price.

-Jaison Fernandes

I would be willing to take the vaccine provided there is hard evidence that it is effective. What I wouldn’t like is to be forced to take it. The vaccine should definitely be given free to every citizen of the country.

-Timothy Lobo

Yes, once the healthcare workers, frontline workers, senior citizens and others with comorbidities have been vaccinated it should be made available in pharmacies etc... Am ready to pay for it including pay for my staff etc...If most big companies and other individuals, pay for others im sure we take the load of the government and vaccinate a lot more people in a short span of time hence defeating this Virus .

-Kabir Pinto 



Iddhar Udhar