23 Sep 2020  |   04:07am IST

Heroes no more: Goan filmmakers react to Bollywood’s drug links

The haze of narcotics has enveloped the film industry and names of big stars are now cropping up. Investigations linked to or as a fallout of the probe into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput have led to names of many Bollywood and other film stars cropping up for their alleged connection with the drug lobby Do these unfortunate linkages give a negative image of the film and entertainment fraternity? Café spoke to Goan stakeholders to gauge their views.
Heroes no more: Goan filmmakers react to Bollywood’s drug links

Ajit John

The news cycle in the recent past has been about the proclivities of stars of the country’s largest film industry.  A weakness for various kinds of drugs has been highlighted. The latest star to be caught in the crosshairs is Deepika Padukone who is a major star with fans across the country and parts of the world. According to news reports, purported 

WhatsApp chats dating to October 2017 between Deepika Padukone and her manager allegedly reveal Deepika asking for 'Maal' and referring to Hash and weed. The NCB is expected to summon Deepika soon. 

Actors in the country are very popular and have huge followings and are also major influencers, now this can development can throw a spanner in the works. 

Suchita Narvekar an actor felt that everything would now change. She said “Till date they were ambassadors because no one knew better but with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput everything is now coming out in the public. Once the pandemic is over, people will decide who to watch and who are the real heroes. 

Rajdeep Naik noted actor felt as people, who had followers numbering in lakhs, it was important that they think before they act. He said “People watch their movies and we think of them as role models. People aspire to be like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan and want to act like them. I think if an ordinary person commits a mistake he or she should be punished but if a celebrity commits it then the punishment needs to be double. Their films need to be boycotted and then they will learn a lesson.” 

Rajesh Pednekar another actor was angry at the recent developments. He said, “There is a great deal of responsibility that comes when one is a role model. Now people will not believe anything that is written about an actor even if he or she is good”. Earlier he said the palm was closed but now it was open and all the deeds were being exposed. He ended by saying he was personally disgusted and since the law was for everyone no one should escape. 

Sonam Morajkar felt it was important not to lose one's identity and to understand that the race to be glamorous was not something one had to be in. She said “ The is a difference between an actor and a star and a star is obsessed with such nonsense but an actor would only be focused on his or her craft.  As an artist, you should have the guts to face the mirror”. 

Popular singer Akshada Bandekar highlighted the importance of celebrities understanding their importance. She said, “It is really sad. They have to use their responsibility in a positive fashion and not use drugs. This can have an effect on their fans”. 

Noted actor Meenacshi Martins, however, had a slightly different view point. She said “Actors are in the profession of acting. Nobody has asked people to consider actors as role models. Not unless the contribution as a person is worthy of the mantle. We as a society are wrong if we give so much credit and cognizance for one profession over several others in which there is a noteworthy contribution to the upliftment of society”. She pointed out that drug and substance abuse was not restricted to the film industry alone and it would be wrong to limit the scope this to professionals of one industry. 

The following days will be watched with great interest and one will hope, the dreams of millions are not dashed, a hope that is diminishing by the day.  



Iddhar Udhar