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Hooked on to the fishing competition of the year

11 Aug 2018 03:52am IST
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11 Aug 2018 03:52am IST
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The 19th annual All Goa Fishing Competition and Sea Food Festival will be held on August 15, 2018. The festival has been gaining popularity over the years and is one of the most awaited events for fishing enthusiasts. Café has the details of this year’s competition


The act of fishing (angling, to be exact) requires

patience and a bit of experience, but most of all, luck. On August 15, 2018, many Goans will try their hand at hooking the biggest fish in the quickest time. As the feast of Our Lady of Assumption and Independence Day are celebrated on the same day, it is a perfect opportunity for fishing aficionados as well as the perfect chance to fish in the company of good friends, albeit in a competitive way, at the 19th annual All Goa Fishing Competition.

The 19th Annual All Goa Fishing Competition with Sea Food Festival is organised by Fishing Lovers of Ribandar along with Ribandar Fisherman Association and in collaboration with Rotary Club of Porvorim with media channel partner Herald Publications and 92.7 BIG FM. The event will take place Opposite Goa Institute of Management (Old Goa Medical College), Ribandar at 11:30am sharp on August 15, 2018. This year, the function will be held in memory of late Antonio De Souza and late Matilda Fernandes. Mukund Shinde, Assistant Commissioner of Custom, will be the Chief Guest while Shephan Shaikh, President of Rotary Club of Porvorim will be the Guest of Honour. The proceeds of this event will be utilised for the welfare of the fishing community of Ribandar.

The competition will commence sharp at 11:30am and the participants have to be ready and on their allotted spots before that. The duration of the competition will be two hours and participants will have to get their own bait and only one hook will be allowed for the fishing line or rod. Lots will be drawn to mark places for fishing for the participants.

Cash prizes of Rs 6,000, Rs 3,500 and Rs 2,500 and trophy will be awarded for the first three winners respectively. A cash prize Rs 1,500 will be given to whoever hooks Chonak/Chonkul and for whoever catches the first fish (weight should be more than 1 kg) will be awarded Rs 1,000. There are also interesting spot prizes up for grabs. Don’t be surprised to hook in some red snapper (tamaso), perch (palu), mullet (shevte) and sea perch (chonak) at the competition.

Spanning the breadth of the riverbed, 150 participants will be able to take part in the competition as the festivities will continue with live music and entertainment on stage. The food stalls will be set up on the pavements, which will be entirely managed by the women of Ribandar. “There is a limit over the number of participants because of the infrastructure. However, over the years, we have seen the crowd increase exponentially because of the overall experience with good food and music. Those who come once, visit every year with thfeir family,” says Michael Fernandes, a member of the Ribandar Fishermen Association.

As it is also the feast of Our Lady of Assumption, piping hot traditional sweet patoleo will be served at the venue. To give a wholesome Goan culinary experience, the stalls will be serving dishes like Recheado Mackerels, Prawn Ambotik, Prawn Caldeen, Prawn Xecxec, Sardines, Fish Curry and Rice, Chicken Xacuti, Pulao and Pure Vegetarian Thali. Musicians like Acacio Tavares, Elvis D’Souza, Franky Fernandes, Marcelino Fernandes, Emman Dias, Charmaine Fernandes, Semenca Rebello, Tony de Ribandar and Dr Antonio Soares will be performing. There will also be a live organ performance by Jayden Carvalho.

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