Herald: How Goa’s dotors juggled the medical and political theatres with elan

How Goa’s dotors juggled the medical and political theatres with elan

18 Jun 2019 05:02am IST
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18 Jun 2019 05:02am IST
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There is another important connect that doctors

have. Many in the medical field in Goa have gone to become stalwarts in politics. Goa has had two full fledged practicing doctors going onto becoming Chief Ministers. The affable and wily Dotor Wilfred D Souza, known as the fox of Saligao, who was a master surgeon, in the Operating Theatre, as well as metaphorically, the corridors of politics.

And then there was the very popular but simple Doctor from Cansaulim Dr Luis proto Barboza. Advocate Radharao Gracias in a piece in Goa News “Dr Barbosa, you did not know”, wrote

“As I see it Dr.Barbosa was no politician. He was a doctor. And this much is obvious. For his son Noel is also a doctor. And a wonderfully caring one known to be available to patients at low tide or high noon. Had Dr.Barbosa been a politician, his son would have been one too. By now, he would be a contender for a ticket somewhere !

After Dr.Barbosa said bye to politics or rather politics said bye to Dr.Barbosa, he retired to his farm. Nothing surprising. After all most politicians do so. But Dr.Barbosa retired to his ancestral land at the foot of Remedios Hill in Cuelim”

The current Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, is also an Ayurveda practitioner by profession.

Dr Jack Sequeira,the Father of Goa’s opinion poll, was above all a great doctor, a fine tradition followed by his daughter and is grand daughter

Dr Wilfred Mesquita, has been minister and Goa’s NRI Commissioner and the Vice President of the BJP, and above all has a great penchant for remembering and witnessing Goa’s political history unfold from very close quarters


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