Herald: In election year, India’s first Konkani book on “economics” a handy tool for Goans

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In election year, India’s first Konkani book on “economics” a handy tool for Goans

16 Mar 2019 04:51am IST
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16 Mar 2019 04:51am IST
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“Vedh Fudarache”, a book on economics in Konkani breaks an unnecessary barrier of not having books on such relevant and crucial subjects in Goa’s official language, Konkani. Writen by Professor Vaman Naik, the significance of the book, in election year, where economics will decide India’s politics, cannot be underlined enough



So we finally have a book on economics in Konkani.

And it’s not on the economics of Konkani. That’s another book altogether. This is, significantly, at the cost of reiteration, the first economics book on Konkani. And it couldn’t have been timed better. For goans, the clutter, jargon and confusion over so many economic terms and processes, the fundamentals on which our country runs and a key issue in the Lok Sabha elections, will be cleared with this book written by a Goan professor , eminent scholar and Principal of the ISBM College of commerce Pune, Dr. Vaman R. Naik.

The book “VedhFudarache” was released by Pro VC, SPPU, Pune, Dr. N.S. Umrani at the Chemistry Department of the University. Pro VC gave number of examples to show how terminology and knowledge provided in common language is easily understood by students and others.

While we toast the book, the fact that it so long for a book of this nature to be written, is itself a cause for lament. Konkani is the official language of Goa. It is with the eighth schedule of the constitution, for over 25 years. As official language, it needs to develop in all spheres of official requirements at administrative level, besides in social sciences law, administrative office procedure etc. These aspects need to get priority. It is reliably learnt that National Translation Mission does not find suitable writers who can translate classical books in Konkani.

Speaking to the Herald, the doctor said it was very important for a book to be written on economics in the local language. This book he said explained all the aspects of the Indian economy in very simple language. The preparation of the budget which was a very important exercise was explained which would be very helpful for everyone.

This book covers the subject of subsidies, the share market. The book also deals with foreign investment, the process, increase flow of FDI in India and the problems encountered in the process.

The book is not purely academic but also covers, administrative and practical aspects like share market, its operation, how the share index is calculated etc. Since is it first book in economics, it deals with banking and privatization of insurance etc.

The topics like black money and measures to curb black money and problems, subsidies, types, do they reach the deserving cases etc is analyzed. India is the larger consumer of gold in the world. Why people invest in gold in India and liberal gold policy is discussed.

In the socialist regime public sector was the back bone of the economy, its importance is on the decline. Autonomy is given to some sector via Navratnas. There is also debate on privatization and relevant issues are dealt with. The Role of infrastructure, roads, ports, powers, railways, highways is highlighted. Their position in India vis a vis globally is also analyzed.

Besides issues like bank privatization, rupee convertibility, RBI autonomy, MNC, credit rating, planning process in India, from Yojana to NITI Aayog have been dealt with. The book also analyses the role of the different sectors of the economy and how the service sector like IT companies, banking, insurance etc and the role played by them.

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