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In search of marital bliss

In search of marital bliss

Pio Esteves

The story revolves around four youths, namely Willy, Scully, Aloma and Frazer, who are good friends and they are on a stroll at the beach. As Frazer and Aloma move away, Willy and Scully take a pledge at the cross of continuing their friendship forever.

But when sharing sweet nothings with each other, Scully’s father Pascoal and brother (Anil) drop by. Scully’s brother threatens Willy of dire consequences if he fails to give up on Scully.

Later, Scully weds Franky, who is arrogant by nature and ill-treats his wife. Franky’s mother Aplon is no less and she treats her daughter-in-law like a doormat. But she receives ample support from her father-in-law, Raposo (Pradeep Naik).

Scully has no freedom after marriage and she suffers physically and mentally at the hands of her husband and mother-in-law. When Scully’s father pays a courtesy visit, he is also insulted by the in-laws.

For the mess that she is in after marriage, Scully blames Willy because he never had the guts to speak his heart out. When she conceives, Franky and his mother doubt her pregnancy. On the other hand, Willy goes into depression on account of Scully.

Scully’s friends Aloma and Frazer are very supportive and try their best to give moral support to her. The child born to Scully is deformed and the mother-in-law again considers her daughter-in-law as the bad omen.

What transverse in the family is worth the watch during the second half of the drama. Will Scully remain always at the mercy of her in-laws? Or will she get out and rebuild her future with her only son?

Irineu Gonsalves’ 10th production ‘I Am Sorry’ dwells upon relationships and what are the consequences when the victim bows down to all sorts of insults and torture inflicted when entered into marriage. Various other issues are touched upon such as depression, ‘dyslexia’ suffered by children when young and how they need to be tackled in the family and society.

The artistes have given a good performance on stage and they deserve appreciation. Pascoal and Pradeep Naik stand out as sober guardians, while Aplon is portrayed as a cruel mother-in-law. Aloma and Frazer chill out as good friends. Scully and Willy are appealing as lovebirds. Franky does justice to his negative role. Anil Pednekar is comfortable in dual characters. Avers Pereira and Aleixin de Morjim extend good support to the main cast. Child artiste Jenoy Fernandes has also played his role with much ease.

The multiple scenes projected on screen as the backdrop needs to be commended. But there are a few technical hitches here and there which if rectified could make a beautiful presentation. The digital projection has been handled by Ambrose and Delilah Vaz.

For laughter pills, there’s Rajdeep Naik, John D’Silva, Fiona, Joyel and David who try to tickle the funny bone of the audience. The ‘chau, chau’ episode is entertaining, but comedy needs to be toned down. Was there the need for so many comedians on stage to create a laughter riot or is it a new trend setting in? 

In the section of songs, Scully, Willy, Frazer and Aloma step on stage for the opening, followed by solos from Avers Pereira, Pascoal Rodrigues, Peter Camilo and Marcus Vaz. There are songs by Aleixin de Morjim and Frazer, Marcus Vaz, Anil and Avers Pereira. A quartet went amiss in the drama. Songs by popular singers O’Luv and Hema Sardessai receive good response from the audience, but it is to be noted that it’s not a musical show, but a tiatr on stage and rendition of new songs instead of oldies are always appreciated by the audience. Band led by Senon and team have provided good music throughout and is enjoyable.


Idhar Udhar