Herald: India’s first-ever Bollywood Festival starts today!

India’s first-ever Bollywood Festival starts today!

28 Dec 2018 03:42am IST
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28 Dec 2018 03:42am IST
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B Fest, the newest music festival to hit Goa, will

be held in the heart of north Goa at Elliot Ground, Baga, today, December 28 and tomorrow, December 29, 2018.

Elliot Ground, has seen some superstars performing in the past, this time around, they plan to rock Goa with some heavy hitters from B Town and the music industry.

The festival will ensure there is something exciting for every festival visitor. With a line up that boasts of some of the great and current favourites like Nucleya, Kailasa, Aastha Gill, Jasmin Walia, The Doorbeen, Band Sid K, and a house DJ who has been rocking Delhi NCR, Sid G, there are a plethora of genres available.

The event being held on December 29 and 28, 2018 and there are plans to make it an annual fixture on the Goan calendar in the years to come. “Taking the week between Christmas and New Year, when Goa is buzzing with people from all across the world, we will add a little pulsating core to the mix. The B Fest will add that little throbbing and humming buzz for the people who come to enjoy the place, be it to end their year with a bang, or to start a new one,” said the organisers.

The festival will also have some great food from local Goan food trucks and popular brands, along with a flea market bringing in some of the local flavours and vibe to the glitzy and kitschy arena of the B Fest.

“The festival will only get bigger year on year, with more kitsch, more music, more art and installations, more food until it becomes an entity on its own and becomes as big a pull as Goa itself, “added the organisers.


The Indian Festival Company is a collaboration between some of the most seasoned veterans in the events, entertainment and hospitality industries. Together, they are bringing some of the top talent in Bollywood to Goa for the first time ever. The festival has been created by involving maximum locally sourced support in terms of technical, food, etc.

The Elliot Group has done many successful festivals in Goa, including the Zimafest and is now happy to be associated with a music festival that is an amalgamation of the Indian film and music industry, and showcases the music in a unique way.

Sunset Getaways have been the local partners for Sunburn for nine years and have been the backbone for many other public events in Goa.

DJ Khushi is a name synonymous with Bollywood remixes in India. With clients in India and

abroad, Khushi has now been signed by Universal Music and is producing his original music under the label ‘Shashi Khushi’. His biggest hit “Chammak Challo”, from the movie Ra One, broke all records, with many awards under his belt he has also played with international names like Ellie Goulding, Shaggy,LMFAO, Tiesto, etc.

THOT is an end to end BTL solutions provider based out of Gurgaon and Mumbai. With many big events and festivals under their belt, like the Red Live concerts, Magnetic Fields Festival, Festival of Education, they bring a unique concept and flair to any festival they put their minds and hearts on.


Indian Festival Company / IFC


December 28 and 29, 2018


2:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Elliot Ground, Baga



Sid G (House DJ), Band Sid K, DJ Suketu, Jasmin Walia, Nucleya


Sid G, The Doorbeen, Aastha Gill, DJ Khushi, Kailasa


Insider.in and at the festival box office

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