Herald: It’s fun, flavour and fiesta as Carnival kicks off in Panjim
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It’s fun, flavour and fiesta as Carnival kicks off in Panjim

11 Feb 2018 04:55am IST
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11 Feb 2018 04:55am IST
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The new route and the roads leading to it were all decked up as King Momo set the tone right for Carnival that rocked the capital city



Music, song and dance filled with creativity and tradition kicked

off the Carnival festivities in Panjim on Saturday.

Carnival 2018 was ushered in by the beautiful float parade along the new route - Miramar road as King Momo Bruno Azaredo, surrounded by a bevy of women, declared the four-day Carnival festivities open with “Viva Carnaval” cry which was echoed by the huge gathering of people.

With the Mandovi promenade and the city roads that usually host the parade, adorned with colourful buntings, banners, masks and themed décor, much of the anticipation and excitement at this year’s carnival shifted to the new route.

The energy among those gathered around Science Centre was high as many of them dressed in a colourful attire as some had their face masks and hairdos and a majority of them had their cameras on to capture the moment. The pulsating music blasting from the speakers set the mood right.

The parade, the dances and the Goan traditional music enthralled the gathering including a large number of tourists.

The traditional floats portrayed Goan culture with some interesting themes such as the traditional attire, old professions and the cooking methods among others.

The floats highlighted the current issues on protecting Goa, while some depicted FC Goa Gaurs, fish and birds. There were even some that depicted ‘Dhirio’s. Some even had global themes such as the Statue of Liberty while some participants portrayed themselves as political leaders such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un.

Some of these had some eyecatching scenes such as a mermaid, King Kong to name a few. Most floats had large number of dancers dancing to the various tunes besides many participated in the family fun junk, clown joker and other categories. Children in their fancy dress costumes also stole the show.

A special Goan Carnival 2018 theme song entitled “Goencho Carnaval’ that was played during the parade, the music for which was arranged by Shine On Duo.

As much as the crowd interaction was a winner, one complaint was about the failure of the authorities to barricade the sidewalks as people got in the way of the float parade several times.

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