31 Dec 2019  |   05:16am IST

It's time to play 20:20

It’s time to wrap up 2019 and look forward to 2020. Many great initiatives came our way this year and we hope that Goans reach out to more people in solidarity and with a helping hand in the New Year. Café speaks to a few Goans about the year that went by and what their resolutions for 2020 are
It's time to play 20:20

Today marks the last day of the decade as we

enter into the twenty twenties. From Goan events to initiatives that made a difference to lives in Goa, there was a lot that happened in this year. There’s also much more to come in 2020 if resolutions are kept and followed.

We speak to some Goans who have carved a niche for themselves for a peep into how their 2019 went and how they plan to welcome and experience 2020 The bottom line in all they said was- live life to the fullest and make it meaningful.

2019- Look back, 2020- Look forward

In 2019, I travelled to seven new countries along with my wife, Neha. I also explored six new destinations in India. We have the typical resolution every year which we break in no time like lose weight, etc. My resolution for 2020 would be to explore new cities in India along with my family. With respect to learning, I am learning a new foreign language since I realised that talking in the local language is the best way to get immersed in the local culture.

Ramchandra Salgoankar, engineer, travel consultant


In my professional life, 2019 saw the release of my debut book, ‘In Search of – A Journey of Finding Oneself’. Personally, the year was about understanding life and the meaning of being content with all that I have because life always gives us what we deserve. My resolution for 2020 is make no resolutions. We often tend to break it so I plan to just keep it simple - work hard, stay healthy, be good, follow my heart and believe in the fact that life is beautiful; the rest the universe will look after.

Stacy Rodrigues, author and painter


The high point of 2019 as an illustrator was my first board game released this year in collaboration with Dicetoylabs-Bangalore titled ‘Chariots of Chandragupta’, and my 10-day illustrative stint with ‘The Peacock’ newspaper at IFFI 2019. I don’t make resolutions anymore because I will break them all by February, but I do have a vision to give deserving Goan illustrators and cartoonists a self sustainable platform that will stand the test of time right here in Goa.

Fabian Gonsalves, artist, illustrator


My high point in 2019 was screening my latest documentary ‘Special Envoy’ in Croatia. I was so happy to meet other filmmakers from around the globe. My resolution for 2020 is to live life as if I am dying tomorrow, to the fullest. Enjoy my time with my children and husband more often.

Nalini Elvino De Souza, filmmaker


This year, I got the opportunity to direct a Hindi and Konkani bilingual feature film based on life of Manohar Parrikar. Also, my 13-year-old relationship turned into marriage. My 2020 resolution is to give up my short tempered behaviour and balance my personal life by giving time to my family and dear ones.

Swapnil Shetkar, Director of Konkani films


In 2019, I did the ‘Rosto’ song because of the potholes, walked 15 kilometres from Panjim bus stand to Cortalim and did the 365 days t-shirt campaign. I’ve also painted 28 speed breakers till date and still counting. In 2020, I will try my best to work on ground level for people’s safety. #rostocampaign in full swing.

Cecille Rodrigues, dancer, social activist


Idhar Udhar