Herald: Kanni Odruxttachi

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Kanni Odruxttachi

30 Aug 2018 03:51am IST
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30 Aug 2018 03:51am IST
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‘Kanni Odruxttachi’, a tiatr written by Vasant Bhagawant Sawant,

directed by Gopal Vasudev Sinai Bhangui and presented by Ashwamedh Media Production Mapa, Panchawadi, dwells upon a relationship and the unexpected tragedy that strikes thereafter.

Anil (Gopal Vasudev Bhangui), who is an orphan, serves in a private firm as a clerk. He falls in love with Anita (Avita Naik). As Anita comes from a well-to-do family, her father (Sandeep Gaonkar) wants her to marry an educated and well-salaried man. But finally, after courtship, Anil and Anita marry and start living in a decent flat. After six months, Anita develops pain in her stomach and the couple draws various presumptions. Viewing different external signs, Anil concludes that Anita is pregnant.

But when Anil takes Anita to the family doctor (Domnic Rodrigues) for a check-up, the reports display a scary picture. On his way to office, when Anil goes to pick up the report and comes to know the truth, he gets disheartened.

Meanwhile, back home, Anita makes all preparations for the arrival of a child. When Anil returns home, his gloomy face upsets Anita and she questions and cross questions, and demands for the medical report.

Will Anita be able to digest the hard truth about her serious illness? Will she be able to cope up with it? How does Anil take this development? How does the couple move forward with the tragedy? Financially, will Anil be able to provide the required treatment to his wife?

‘Kanni Odruxttachi’ has a fine, crisp script, with sleek direction. The story has been artistically narrated, with various developments at every fold. The manner it has been presented on stage leaves the viewers glued to their seats. It is originally a ‘nattak’, but brought on the tiatr stage wrapped with comedy in between the acts and a variety of songs and cantos.

As a couple, Gopal and Avita has displayed ample natural talent on stage and Gopal’s skill in rendering the cantos deserve special mention. The couple has been ably supported by Augustin as inspector, Domnic as doctor and Sandeep as the father.

As the plot was of a serious nature, maybe comedy should not have been interspersed in the play. But efforts have been made in that direction. Rohisha Gaonkar was hilarious and Prashant Naik extended good support to her.

In the category of songs, solos by Kluivert Rodrigues, Reginald de Panchawadi, Joel, Simona, Saldie, a duet by Reginald and Benisha and a quartet by Benisha, Sheron, Joel and Saldie were entertaining. But a duo and a trio were missing in the drama. Chris and his team provided music to the songs and cantos.

The stage sets by Gopal Bhangui and light designs by Paresh Dessai were a treat to the eyes and background music Roysten Fernandes was appealing to the ears

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