Herald: Konkani Film ‘Miranda House’ starring Milind Gunaji set to release

Konkani Film ‘Miranda House’ starring Milind Gunaji set to release

13 Jan 2019 04:11am IST
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13 Jan 2019 04:11am IST
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National Award Winning Film Director Rajendra Talak is all set for the release of his latest Konkani Film ‘Miranda house’, a bilingual (Konkani-Marathi) film


“Don’t miss the beginning of the film”, says filmmaker

Rajendra Talak, who has come out with films like ‘o Maria’,’ A rainy day’, Aleesha in the past ; while talking about his upcoming film ‘Miranda House’.

The bilingual (Konkani-Marathi) film, will be out in the month of April and the 85 minute long movie, has been produced by Rajendra Talak Creations in Konkani and Iris Production.

The genre of the film is Drama-Thriller and it features popular Milind Gunaji, television series ‘Karam Apna Apna’ actress Pallavi Subash, Zee Marathi‘s Sainkeet Kamat, and Goa’s favorite actor John D’silva.

“Miranda house is an on-the-edge-thriller ,” adds Talak. The theme of the film as briefed by him is depicted in a way of one never knowing the truth. “A spine chilling roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns in the plot and texture will keep the viewers guessing till the very end. You may never know who the queen is and who the pawn is, what is true and what is false,” he adds.

The peculiar aspect on this production is that the film was shot twice instead of being dubbed, in order to get an insight of the reality. Another pinch of salt to the specialty of ‘Miranda House’ is watching Gunaji speak in Konkani, shockingly revealed by the director that Gunaji is actually from Goan origin.

Gunaji initially began his acting career in the year 1996 in the film ‘Papeeha’ that gained much attention. Apart from acting, he has written 7 books on his travel and history about various places. Gunaji’s role revolves around a jumpy person; when his character could be honest or turn sly is left for the suspense in the movie. “Like you have seen my roles in previous films, I usually have a cunning part, where looking at the character you get a gist- yes something is definitely wrong or something is about to happen- Similarly, here too, I play a very jittery role, but that doesn’t mean it could lead to the same ending”, says Gunaji. This time the story is different and Talak is quiet pleased with his choice of actors.

Gunaji expresses that he has always heard of the creativity in the land of Goa, but today he has actually witnessed it and was amused by the clever work of Talak. He brands Talak as a fantastic director, “When Rajenra-ji had come to me with the script, I immediately agreed to do the film; the way he explained me was amiable.” Worked previously for big banner productions in Bollywood and Hollywood cinema, he admits that the beauty of working in a regional film is entirely different; a natural beauty. Despite having difficulty in speaking Konkani s as is rarely familiar with the language, Gunaji finished all his scenes in in a single take during the shoot.

Present among the castes was also Sainkeet Kamat, a proud Goan to be featured in a movie directed by inspiring Talak. Sainkeet is well known and loved in Maharashtra and Goa for his popular roles in series like, ‘Tujha Majha Breakup’ and ‘Ratris Khel Chale’. He completed is graduation in Theatre Art from at Centre of Performing Arts, Pune University.

Sainkeet reveals that Miranda House is his debut film after working in Zee’s television series. “Before becoming an actor I always believed that the best exposure is outside Goa, but in fact it was a wrong assumed idea."It is my pride to have been featured with a National Award Winning Director Talak.” Sometimes what one looks all around for is right before us. The first film was an honorable one, for Sainkeet; not only because of he Director, but due to the subtle and suspense mood of the character he gets o play. Getting this difficult character the film, was challenging in his debut.

The amazing slice in the film is that Goa’s loved comedian John D'silva is a part of the film whose role is left as a mystery and not to be revealed until the release of the film.

The cinematographer of Miranda is Mr. Suraj Kurade, a Goan who has made his mark in Gujrati film industry. He has served as a Chief assistant DOP of popular worked with Bollywood films like Queen, Bodyguard, Barfi, Stree and more. The film is edited by Vardhan Dhaimodkar, a young talent from Goa who an earlier served s an assistant director for the Marathi movie ‘Naal’. Apart from the lead actors, the film also involves roles played by Prince Jacob, Audhoot Sahakari, Sanjay Talwadkar,Sanjiv Prabu, Madhvi Desai, and Anil Raikar.

Talk is absolutely confident about Miranda use success, “This film is going to work”, he says. The movie holds a different angle of storytelling. Since many scripts have the usual plot of suspense in it, Talak has guaranteed that this is a new cliffhanger and will keep all the cinema lovers at the edge of their seat.

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