Herald: Konkani is the only identity of Goa: Vincy Quadros

Konkani is the only identity of Goa: Vincy Quadros

16 Feb 2019 05:32am IST
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16 Feb 2019 05:32am IST
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Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) releases the book ‘Monantlim Motiam” . The book written by Bosco Barreto was part of the DKA’s ‘Kombri Yeuzonn’ initiative



“ We surely need English for official purposes,

but Konkani is our real identity and only in Konkani lies our Goykarponn, said DKA secretary, Vincy Quadros. He was speaking at the book release function “Monantlim Motiam” written by Bosco Barreto and organised by Dalgado Konknni Akademi recently at Margao BPS Club. With him, the Chief Guest ex-Sports minister Francisco Monte Cruz, DKA treasurer Celso Fernandes, the writer, Bosco Barreto and DKA working committee member, Daniel F. D’Souza were present on the dais.

“It is crucial that we use Konkani in our homes, meeting places and in all our celebrations,” Vincy said. While appreciating the good work done by the Goa church to preserve Konkani, he informed that DKA visit villages to spread awareness of our mother tongue and requested those who wish the Academi to have the sessions in their village to contact the DKA office. Bosco was celebrating his 75th birthday on that day. Vincy congratulated Bosco and wished that God grant him 100 years.

Daniel F. D’Souza compered the function and gave a brief of the book. The book contains 50 poems on different subjects, Lui Estibeiro did the cover design, preface by DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo and Fr. Carmo Martins shared his view on the writer.

The book is released under DKA’s ‘Kombri Yeuzonn’. The writer has dedicated the book to his mother, Carmina. While addressing the guests, Bosco thanked all those who helped him in his venture. At the onset, Sweety Barreto welcomed the gathering and the DKA Treasurer, Celso Fernandes proposed a vote of thanks.

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