21 May 2020  |   05:29am IST

Law and behold: Moving musical tribute to Goa’s COVID warriors inspired by serving cop

A man of the law has released a video, which has gone viral. It thanks the medical and the police community for the work they are doing in the battle against the virus. Cafe spoke to Deputy Superintendant of police, Edwin Colaco and others who were involved putting the efforts of Goa’s COVID warriors to song
Law and behold: Moving musical tribute to Goa’s COVID warriors inspired by serving cop

Ajit John;

It's a tough job being a guardian of the peace. It can harden you and turn you into a copy of the very men and women one is forced to arrest. To retain one's humanity and be moved by others suffering or by the work done by others is just great. DySP Edwin Colaco has just written and released a song commending the efforts of the medical professionals and the police for their efforts in battling COVID 19.

The song Mhoji Maim, Mhojem Goem which was released by the CM Pramod Sawant on Tuesday has already caught the fancy of the people of Goa with over four thousand hits in less than twenty-four hours. When the virus struck he noticed several things and as days passed, the idea of the song came to him. He told Cafe "We were under threat from this unseen disease. We did not know who it would strike and where. Anyone could be a victim. It was a time of grave danger to the population of the state. We could have seen a lot of deaths". The Dy SP then compared the state to a mother who protects her children and nurtures them in a safe environment. He said all the children who were born and brought up in this motherland had become someone in their respective fields.


All these thoughts made him decide to compose a citizen's pledge. He said every citizen irrespective of their position should take the pledge to protect his or her mother in all circumstances and more significantly in the time of the pandemic. The song he said was inspired by the situation. He said, " I believe every citizen of the state and country should take the necessary steps like ensuring personal hygiene at all times, wearing a mask while in public and ensuring social distancing to prevent being infected by this disease".


The shoot was done a fortnight ago in various zones in Goa after the song was recorded in a studio in two hours. There were four singers who also acted in the video apart from four actors who were part of it. 

Elvis Mascarenhas who sang two songs which included a duet said he was approached by Colaco. He said " He presented the idea and I immediately told him to go ahead because it was about something that we were all experiencing. This was a month ago and when he came up with the lyrics and the melody. We did not practice, we just hit the studio and recorded".


As a music teacher and drummer, Elvis has contact with various singers and he helped bring together those who performed for the hit video.


Cielda Pereira a part-time councillor at a school also sang and she said it was a great experience. The message, she said was important because it was aimed at the people who were at the forefront in the battle against the virus. Elaine Pinto who is a full-time singer and part of two bands was also part of the team of four. She said she was proud to be part of such a project which thanked people who were at the forefront in the battle.


For Colaco, the man in uniform, this came from the heart. It was a service of compassion.


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