13 Oct 2021  |   03:51pm IST

Man from Kerala cycling to Delhi in protest over fuel price hike

Every person in the state is frustrated and talking about the continuous fuel price hike in the country. Now a 28-year-old man, C Vishnu from Kerala intends to cycle 2,700 kms to Parliament house to express his displeasure after the continuous fuel price hike especially as it crosses the century mark
Man from Kerala cycling to Delhi in protest over fuel price hike

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Protests can take different forms. It can be a march down the streets of the city, or a song or a piece of art. Or it can take the shape of a display that attracts attention to the situation on the ground. The continuous raise in the price of fuel has been a source of much irritation. It has led to an increase in the cost of living and made it tough for the common man to make ends meet.

C Vishnu a 28 year old man from Kerala has been pedaling from Palghat a district in that state and is now in Goa. He intends to peddle 2700 km to express his displeasure over the continuous price hike especially after it crossed the century mark as well as the farmer’s issue which was not being tackled. He intends to cycle to the parliament in New Delhi. He has completed 800 kms and he reached Goa on Sunday night. From here he will cycle into Maharashtra and Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and finally New Delhi. In this journey he is assisted by a friend who is cycling with him.

He covers around 80-100 kms a day and it took him twelve days to reach the state from Palghat. He said it had generally been a very nice experience cycling through the various states but the roads in certain places left much to be desired. He said travelling from Margao to Panjim was a tough experience because of the work in progress and the amount of dust generated by that work. C Vishnu said as a Congressman, they were the representatives of the poor people of India.

He said people had been very good with him and many understood why he was doing it. He said many people had articulated their frustration with the continuous increase in the price of fuel and the inability to deal with the farmers’ problems.