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Marital bliss in nuclear families

Marital bliss in nuclear families

Pio Esteves

On day six of Kala Academy’s 49th Tiatr ‘A’ Group Competition, the curtains unfolded to tiatr ‘Bara Brestar Tera Sukrar’ written and directed by John Alexandro Fernandes and presented by Machi Mogi Morjim, Cultural Sanskrutic Saunstha, Morjim-Pernem.  

The story revolves around three families, namely Jose (Quenicio Pereira), spouse Paskin (Lorna Fernandes) and their two sons, Hendry (Cyril Fernandes), wife Ophelia (Ofelia D’Souza) and son Frazer (Frazer Fernandes) and Peter (Pedro Rodrigues) and daughter Lizia (Lizia Fernandes).

Jose as a toddy tapper has nurtured his family, built his own house and provided good education to his two sons. Just when Jose and Paskin are encountering the sunset days of their lives, their two sons settle abroad and are not bothered about their aging and ailing guardians. Unable to handle life single-handedly, Hendry helps Jose and Paskin find safety and security in an aged home. Meanwhile, Nandu (John Fernandes) and his spouse Filu (Fatima Fernandes) take care of their house.

On the other hand, Hendry and Ophelia reside with their only son Frazer, who gets promoted as the general manager of a bank. To bring in a change in the society, Hendry suggests to his wife that after marriage Frazer could step out and reside with his wife at in-laws’ house. He justifies his unusual thought with a valid power of reasoning. But Frazer being the only son in the family, Ophelia bluntly rejects her husband’s suggestion. What follows next in the family is worth the watch during the second half.

Peter’s only daughter Lizia is also married and lives at her husband’s residence. But she makes it a point to visit her father regularly and assist him in whatever way she can. Likewise, both the families are content with each other.

Tiatr ‘Bara Brestar Tera Sukrar’ by John Alexandro Fernandes has a different message to convey when it comes to encountering the in-laws after marriage. The newly wedded couple residing separately and independently can resolve many problems that could pop up between the in-laws due to misunderstandings and property issues.

Although the tiatr did not carry any dose of twists, turns and suspense, the flow was good with a different message at the end. The fate of aging parents after neglect by children has been brought out well in the drama.

All the artistes have given fine performances. Quenicio and Lorna as aging parents, Cyril and Ofelia as guardians, Pedro and Lizia in father-daughter relationship and Frazer, Valini Fernandes, Jose Aires D’Souza, Laster Fernandes and Jose Carvalho have extended good support to the main cast.

For some lighter moments, John Alexandro Fernandes and Fatima Fernandes come together as comical spouses and there are two more, namely Robert D’Souza and Clinton Martins as side comedians, who entertain with some musical liners.

In the section of songs, there were a couple of good renditions on stage. Solos from child artistes Antonio Jenoy Fernandes and Melita Fernandes were appealing. A quartet by Jose Aires D’Souza, Robert D’Souza, Clinton Martins and Frewin Fernandes and a duet by Laster and Melita were thought-provoking. Senon D’Souza and his musical team provided good music offstage.

The stage sets by Kapil Chari were good, but the spotlights could have been improved.  


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