Herald: May Mayhem Cycling Challenge takes Goa by storm!
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May Mayhem Cycling Challenge takes Goa by storm!

16 May 2018 03:58am IST
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16 May 2018 03:58am IST
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An innovative inter-club and individual cycling competition initiated by Cycling Goa has caught the fancy of cyclists across the state. Café gives you the details

The month of May is the hottest and most uncomfortable

month in Goa and yet, it has not deterred 101 cyclists from enrolling for Cycling Goa’s ‘May Mayhem Cycling Challenge’ (MMCC) competition.

The challenge involves cycling for a minimum of 20 kms every day for a total of at least 15 days between May 1 and 27, 2018, to reach an individual total of 400 kms.

Of course, there is no upper limit on the distances an individual cyclist can cycle every day. A special yellow jersey will be presented to the cyclist aggregating the maximum number of kilometres of cycling in this period.

This being an inter-club competition, the club aggregating the maximum number of kilometres will be adjudged the champion club and be presented a rolling trophy. Individual cyclists completing 400 kms will receive a certificate and a medal.

The competition has truly caught the fancy of cyclists across the state.

Cyclists ranging from the age of 20 to 75 have been cycling anything between 25kms to sometimes over 200 kms each day to keep themselves and their clubs in the reckoning for the top prize.

The organisers have opened a group called ‘Cycling Goa’ on the fitness app, Strava. Every participant has to register himself/herself on this group on Strava, enabling every kilometre being cycled to be logged, collated and a leader board prepared every few days.

As per the latest statistics, the 101 cyclists from the four participating clubs had totalled a mind-boggling 32,589 kms of cycling as on the morning of May 14.

Presently, the Margao based Xaxti Riders club is leading the table with an impressive 16,665 kms, followed by the Panjim Cycling Club at 10,192, Slopes N Bends club of Ponda and Vasco Cyclists from Vasco jointly total 5,732 kms. On the individual front, Levin Da Costa, a young Xaxti Riders cyclist is leading the individual tally with 1,907 kms of cycling completed in just 14 days. He is followed by two of his own club buddies, Sanat Keni with 1,525 kms and Francis Rodrigues at 1,442 kms respectively. Of course, these are still early days and the competition for the yellow jersey will only hot up as the end date of May 27 draws closer.

Explaining the rationale of the challenge, Dr Pankaj Mhatre, secretary, Cycling Goa, says, “The main aim was to get more people to take up to cycling for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. We titled the event May Mayhem (chaos) as one could see cyclists on every road of Goa beating all odds. We kept the targets low so that even a novice could take part in the event.”

While the organisers have made it a novice-friendly contest, the enthusiasm on the ground is something else altogether. Cyclists across Goa have been riding mornings and evenings to increase both, their individual and club totals.

The MMCC will conclude with Cycling Goa’s annual World Environment Day cycle race-cum-rally scheduled this time for the morning of Sunday, June 3 at Sancoale. According to Cycling Goa’s Mhatre, there will be a 20 km time-trial race, followed by a rally and the MMCC prize distribution function.

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