Herald: Mom’s our world, and our motto

Mom’s our world, and our motto

11 May 2019 04:30am IST
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11 May 2019 04:30am IST
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As the world celebrates Mother’s Day this Sunday, Café takes a look on how children, who are now parents themselves, look up to their mothers. No matter what age one is and how much information is available through technology, it is still the mother who knows best, even for sons and daughters who are parents themselves



Nothing prepares you to be a mother. No

matter how many books you read or how many women guide you with their experiences of bringing up children, unless you have your own sweet bundle of joy in your arms and an innocent face looking up at you, you don’t understand the responsibility and joys of being a mother. Also, it’s at that very moment when you turn into a mother that you understand the value of your own mother. She has always put her children before herself. Mothers are a blessing as they are the role models for you to be better mothers, your guides and true advisers. And in this world of quick communication, it is still the mother that one runs back to, when one is in need of support and guidance.

Yolanda De Souza Kammermeier

from Calangute, a noted artist and footballer, is happy that her mother, Rita Augusta De Souza, is living with her and spending quality time with her daughter, Sara, as well. They are friends more than mother-daughter. “My relationship with my mother has always been one of friendship. We go out together and do everything together and I do the same with my daughter. My mother was married at the age of 18 and my siblings and I treated my grandmother, Lavinia Lobo e Souza, as a mother, while with mom, it was more of fun times and being partners-in-crime. My mother was the only daughter and so she was also pampered by her mother. Advice came with being parents and my mother has always encouraged us. She says, ‘there is nothing you can’t do, unless you don’t want to do it; except bringing a dead man to life.’ Being a mother, I feel I am a combination of my grandmother and my mother. I give the best of both of them to my daughter,” says Yolanda about her mother, who is nearly 90 years old.

Executive Chef on Princess Cruises,

Jerry Dias

from Cuncolim, is forever grateful to his mother for bringing him and his three siblings up and now for looking after his three daughters, Ershville, Elaine and Euclid, when he is away at sea. “The only money I spend while working on the ship is what I spend on the internet to make video calls back home to talk to my mother. Since my father lost his vision, she had to singlehandedly raise her four children, toiling hard. I am forever grateful to her. She is an amazing cook and has won the All Goa Cooking Competition. I have learnt cooking from her and have reached this position. All I am is because of her and she is my guide,” says Jerry.

Bushka D’Souza

is a noted singer and tiatrist and was always accompanied by her mother, Connie for her shows. Now a mother of two herself, Bushka feels she has taken the best of her mother for her own parenting skills. “We are very close and she is very protective of me. The fear factor still exists and since I don’t live with my mother after marriage, we try to make the most of the time we are together. I understand how and why she used to behave as a mother and I improvise on the same with my children. She says that I am the better version of her as I am more brave and courageous when it comes to my children,” says Bushka

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