Herald: Music with a difference: An ode to animals

Music with a difference: An ode to animals

16 Feb 2019 05:37am IST
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16 Feb 2019 05:37am IST
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You may have heard of a love song, a break up song and many other types of songs, but have you ever heard of a song dedicated to animals? One of Goa’s leading musicians Marwino D’Costa recently released a music video titled ‘They Matter’

Hailing from Curtorim, Marwino D’Costa is a renowned

personality in Goa and is famous for his versatility. He can play multiple instruments and is part of some of Goa’s top musical ensembles, be it a band or a choir. Marwino has performed across various genres and languages, for different types of occasions. This time around, Marwino decided to foray into a different territory yet again.

Marwino has beautifully composed a track using the flute to portray love for the animals, with the message that their lives matter in this world as much as the lives of human beings. ‘They Matter’ is Marwino’s first original flute composition dedicated to animals and to portray their importance in the world.

“The song ‘They matter’ is a project so close to my heart. It is a tribute to our fur baby, Brandy, who we miss so dearly and we wish we had more time with. The composition is dedicated to pets and pet lovers in the world. It reflects the idea about how we as humans should care and protect the creation of God,” says Marwino.

Having a very close bond with his Persian cat, Brandy, Marwino has dedicated the heart-warming composition to her memory. In the year 2016, Brandy lived just for seven months, but created a lifetime impact on the composer. “I used to call her my daughter; she was very loving and a stress buster for me. Every night when I used to come home late after my shows, she was the first one to greet me,” he states nostalgically. Losing a precious one is something that you can never be prepared for, and the mark that Brandy has left on Marwino has been expressed in the flute composition.

He explains that from all the instruments he plays, he chose the flute not only because it was best suited for the track as it was soothing and gentle, but also because he felt that it came closest in replicating a cat’s purr.

Making use of two woodwind instruments on the track, the Dizi (Chinese flute) and Western concert flute, he got the whole track together to bring forward a heart-touching masterpiece.

Going back to 2016, remembering all the beautiful memories with his cat, Marwino reminisces about how she slept calmly on his chest every night. Having a close connect with the composition, he says, “This song mirrors my feelings towards animals and through it I want my audience to connect with me and replicate my emotions. Each part of this song has a deep meaning, whether in the melody or the visuals.”

Taking pride in his first original flute composition, ‘They Matter’ was born through a sentimental story. “The very next day after she died, I thought of a tune on the way home. As soon as I got home, I went to my music room and wrote the tune; it’s the exact same tune that you hear on the track right now.”

‘They Matter’, the title of the track, simply means that animals are a creation of God and it matters that we humans take care of them and understand their voice. “It is for all those who love pets, and are doing their best to keep their pets happy, and have suffered the loss of these beautiful creatures, Marwino says. Animals have a way of understanding humans and what they go through; it is time we give back and understand what they feel too.

Marwino further adds that for a long time, he had wanted to compose and produce something on his own, so his journey with ‘They Matter’ was an exciting one, right from the audio recording sessions to the video shoots. “This was the first time I arranged the track by myself; it was challenging and wonderful at the same time,” he says.

Using social media as a platform to put his track forward to a global audience, Marwino released the official video on his YouTube Channel ‘mawinem16’. He has thanked everyone who was involved in the making of the video and the song and pointed out that none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for their help and their time in working on this project.

He directs special gratitude towards Dr Neysa Grace Diniz, a veterinary doctor and his wife, whom he considers his backbone. He says that when he shared the idea with her and asked her for help in getting the project started, she immediately short-listed her friends, clients and their pets, which were then featured in the video.

Marwino also expresses his thanks to Royston Noel for recording, mixing and mastering the song at his studio; Edric George for directing the video and opening his studio to the pets and their owners; and Dielle D’souza, Valencia Aguiar and Vanessa Menezes Andrade for helping him with quotes, poetry and video description.

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