Herald: New code of conduct: Night turns into ‘day’ in Goa’s weekend party zones

New code of conduct: Night turns into ‘day’ in Goa’s weekend party zones

11 Apr 2019 03:28am IST
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11 Apr 2019 03:28am IST
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Brunch, a delightful time between breakfast and lunch, but can include all day dining and lazing, has become a buzzword and savior during these “code of conduct” governed times. Restaurant and “nightclubs” are seeing the light of day and shifting events to daytimes on the weekends to salvage something out of a lean and ‘dry” period


Alvaro Miranda SinQ hospitality

firmly says that ending the night early is from the election commission and rules are meant to be followed. “We can’t do anything,” he says.

T most of the places that Alvaro handles; he admits that they try to make as much business as possible during noon and sunset. “There are parties starting from 3 pm to 11pm, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy at least in the day if they cannot in the night and we do not lose on customers. However, we do not have any big events and Easter will be a dry day, so no plans,” says Miranda.

Similarly at Cohiba there are live bands at Sunday’s noon since the nights are empty.

Amit Bhakhle Partner at Cohiba

expresses his views on how the business is being affected lately during the code of conduct period. He admits, “Week days is bad at Cohiba. People come to Goa to chill out, but with no alcohol on table after 11 pm there is also no business; which is not same always.”

Cohiba which has been quite popular and alive during the nights now experience a lull “Recently I travelled to Mumbai and found that there the clubs still ran during nights, maybe no alcohol is served, but there is food and live music after 11 pm. Only in Goa this is happening strictly, which is affecting the foreign tourists too who are not aware about the code of conduct,” says Bhakhle.

When the night clubs begin having events and parties during the day, it becomes difficult for the other working group of people to have the fun. Yet, the clubs have been trying their best to keep customers happy. “Yes, there’s no question about them being angry”, says Bhakhle. “But we have to follow the rules and customer co-operation is necessary. It’s easier to make the locals understand but what about the tourists? - We have put up notices everywhere regarding the rules during code of conduct.”

Lyndon Furtado, the proprietor at Down The Road

says that they have shifted their special night parties to Saturday and Sunday afternoons into a Brunch from 1pm to 4 pm. “We have been trying to make people aware about our facility during the day, where music, alcohol and fun is all allowed just like our night parties which used to happen 9 pm onwards. In the begining our customers rarely knew about this but now week by week it’s getting better and we are gaining back on business, guess it is like a day-club until election are over. We are forced to keep this plan till after May 22 because of the other elections.”

Some party freaks have admitted that though the season has been down, they have saved money by not partying a lot.

Thysca Lobo

, who has been to most of the night clubs in Goa, says that for common men it affects really bad. “After work we just need to refresh our mind and get all the stress out, where do we go? Unlike most people who find solace with quiet places, some of us relax by hearing some good music, dancing and being around friends. I am disappointed that now I barely go out at nights, but it’s also saving a lot of my money. I guess its fine for a small break for me.

Shaabaz Muzafar

, a photographer who spends most of his time partying at night and weekends, says that he can longer do that because of the cops out on duty everywhere. “I don’t usually go to clubs in the afternoon, because honestly it’s boring. Although did have an experience the other day at noon where we just has drinks and snacks at a club watching sports channel and the Dj plying slow music which actually made we feel so lazy that I missed my night parties.”

Similarly, a frequent

partygoer Jackie

feels that on weekends everyone wants to relax in the afternoon with family and then go out in the night. “I mean I do understand the clubs are doing their best to have so many opportunities for us, and yes I would love to go out on an afternoon with my family and friends, but it’s a nightclub! It has to be in the night! What’s the whole point of going there and not getting these vibes? I would understand if it’s a normal restaurant we went to in the afternoon, that’s a whole different case.”

Jane Pereira

, who doesn’t mind hanging out during day or night explains that the entire point of calling it a night club is when these parties are at night, “Hence having a day party at a night club is a bit awkward for some. Although those who want to go will definitely go, like I know a friend who has been going for these brunches at some clubs and she says it’s worth it”

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