07 Apr 2021  |   04:13am IST

Nightlife stakeholders say no to night curfews even as cases spiral

The number of COVID cases have been increasing everyday in the state and in neighboring states like Maharashtra. That state has imposed curfew on a nightly basis as well as over weekends that are strictly imposed and those caught not wearing masks are fined on the spot. In Goa, one gets the feeling interests of people involved in the vibrant night life in the state has taken precedence over the safety of the general public, so is it too much to ask if a night curfew can be imposed or even a weekend curfew can be imposed like they do in Mumbai and Pune
Nightlife stakeholders say no to night curfews even as cases spiral

 The number was 247 as of yesterday morning. That is the number of fresh cases reported in the state and the numbers continue to rise. That is rather worrying in a state with a small population and which is also dependent on tourism to generate revenue.

Weekend curfews and night curfews make no sense. Every single person has to be vaccinated !!!! And even post that people will still have to follow all safety measures if we are to defeat this virus.. 

- Kabir Pinto Makhija, Ex-Deputy Mayor, CCP

I feel without imposing a strict lock down, it’s not possible to control the night parties in Goa. It’s next to impossible to impose SOPs at such places. Isn’t it a joke to ask people to maintain social distancing in night clubs & at parties? It makes no sense to me. However bars & restaurants should be allowed to remain open as SOPs can be maintained if properly implemented 

- Ernest Dias, VP, Kuoni Travel India Pvt Ltd

If businesses and people were following the Covid protocols diligently then there would have been no need, but with cases rising the way they are and the infrastructure being as dismal as it is, I feel maybe some sort of curfew might not be a bad idea. But then again, just a part time curfew, I don’t know how that helps either, so really can’t comment definitively on this. 

- Nupura Hautamaki, Marketing & Events Consultant

You cannot shut down anything. What needs to be done is that the protocols have to be followed at restaurants and other public spaces. People entering may have to endure some checks. Everyone has to be responsible. People don’t come to Goa to stay in a room. They have to also show some discipline. 

- Jacob John, Director, Vibrant Hospitality Services

Public Safety is a high priority for us at Jamie’s. We follow strict protocols whether for staff, dine-in guests or our home delivery. The Pandemic has hit the hospitality industry in a big way and the government needs to find a middle ground for us that ensure our survival too. Whether it is allowing restaurants to run at 50% capacity for in house guests or deliveries. A night curfew will make it difficult for all in the industry and who work in it especially as we are all following the protocol laid out already by the government. But having said that the health of our customers comes first. 

- James, Chef & Owner of Jamie’s Baga

How long can this continue. Safety and wellbeing of all is paramount for the functioning of all in the hospitality sector. However, a night curfew will be a definite death knel to the restaurant industry. Rather than doing that, it would be far more beneficial to ensure 50% seating capabilities and to do random checks at establishments . Guilty parties should be ask to shut operations for a minimum 7 day period. Everyone must take the onus on their shoulders to carry our state back into the green zone . Stay safe and keep others safe should be a restaurant owners mantra. 

- Sumera, Owner AMAVI

How will a lock down help, has it helped in Maharashtra or Karnataka. The cases are still rising. This will continue to happen until the people display some discipline. The hoteliers in Maharashtra are now screaming hoarse at these steps. There has to be some economic activity. People are still coming to Goa in large numbers. You cannot keep blaming the government for everything. The people have to be disciplined like I said earlier. That is the only way. Night curfews or weekend curfews will not work. 

- Shekhar Salkar, Consulting Oncologist, Manipal Hospital

Health and Safety of our customers always is a priority despite financial constants due to pandemic. We take the upmost care with our staff protocols, table spacing and seating to ensure our guests feel safe at the restaurant It has been a tough year all round and our industry has been hit hard. We would like to find the right path so that venues such as ours who are following the rules also don’t lose out. 

- Megh Netravalkar, Partner, Kismoor Sangolda