21 Apr 2021  |   05:02am IST

No RTPCR tests for Goa visitors leave Goans baffled & worried

Goa has been added to the list of sensitive sates by Maharashtra and yet people from Maharashtra can simply just walk in. Should people enter Goa without RTPCR and importantly a quarantine of 14 days if they come without the test?
No RTPCR tests for Goa visitors leave Goans baffled & worried

The number of cases and deaths are increasing by the day in Goa. It is a worrying situation but the government in the state has not imposed any restrictions as yet.

I have spent the last 3 days in a hospital with a relative thankfully not Covid related but the fear is raw, potent and everywhere. The situation in Goa is very grim. Goa is a sensitive area. But then so is Maharashtra, Gujarat and so many other states. It is uninhibited and irresponsible behavior on the part of tourists and us Goans alike that have led us to this state. A responsible government would impose extremely strict conditions for people entering Goa. It is just the right thing to do.

- Sunita Rodrigues, Professional in the hospitality industry

We are still not late though other states have called high risk states. We are still better than others. However, Negative Covid Report should be made compulsory for every person entering the state through all the modes of transport

- Mangirish Salelkar,

IT Professional

The need for the hour is a blended effort by both government and citizens together to create a safe Goa. Government needs to implement effective action plan to combat this second wave and we as citizens need to follow it effectively. All inter-state travel should be banned for the time being. And within Goa we should have restricted movement for Goans too. It should be restricted for work or emergency related purposes only. In parts of the world where the spread is controlled considerably, it is mainly because of conscientious efforts of citizen to maintain social distancing, wearing masks always, staying indoors whenever necessary, testing whenever required and taking proper medical treatment. Let us not blame the government all the time and take the onus on us too. Together we can and we will.

- Remy Rodrigues, Educationist

Goa got the maximum cases from those visitors who come here for leisure without the RTPCR. The Goa govt should either make this test mandatory or a 14 days quarantine if they come without it. Secondly there should be some sort of restrictions on people barging in for their weekend trips from Maharashtra Kerala and Karnataka Unless they have a valid reason to enter our state they should not be allowed.

- Indira Pai,

Working professional

No, People should not be allowed into Goa without COVID negative certificate. The number of cases have gone up considerably in Goa because we have not insisted on the COVID negative certificate from those coming in from other states. Now atleast let us be serious and insist on this COVID negative certificate for those entering Goa from other states

- Avelino De Sa,

Financial Planner

As long as they socially distance and wear masks I do not think there is any need. People need to be mindful of the 3C’s as classified by the Japanese -closed spaces, crowded spaces and close contact spaces, if precautions are taken when in the above 3 settings (mask, distance, no crowding)

we will be fine.

- Jack Sukhija, Hotelier

As a true blue Goan and hospitality professional too, I am happy to share the warmth and calm our lovely little state brings, with those who want to come here during these unprecedented times, amidst the pandemic and find comfort and respite here. But I definitely do not advocate this at the cost of putting ourselves and our state at high risk and losing our peace of mind. I believe it is crucial that a negative COVID -19 test certificate must be made mandatory for all those entering the state through all kinds of mode of transport.

- Edra Godinho,

Marketing Professional or Hospitality Professional

All those entering Goa should have a COVID negative certificate or be tested at the borders .. simple !!!!

- Kabir Pinto Makhija,

Ex Deputy Mayor

People should not be allowed into Goa without an Antigen/RT-PCR test. It’s common knowledge which should have been implemented throughout the pandemic

- Conrad Barretto,

Social, Food & Travel Influencer


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