25 Jan 2022  |   04:41am IST

No more criminals please

What do women want from this election is a very pertinent question. There have been murders, then there is the problem of water supply which seems to affect women so much more than it does men. Then there is the problem of the safety of women who are working which brings up the issue of transportation. Then there is the question of job opportunities for women. So then what are the women of Goa looking for in their ideal candidate?
No more criminals please

As a woman, I want every candidate who has been accused of violent crimes, especially against women, should be ideally banned from contesting. Or this fact should be declared on all posters/paraphernalia etc. I would like better safety management for women to travel alone, whether it is generally late night after work, or an event, or even just a solo walk on the beach. And yes, better infrastructure, whether it is water supply, uninterrupted electricity (as otherwise household chores takes long time), public transportation etc, which in turn will help more women get out of the house to work and become financially independent too.

- Nupura Hautamaki, Marketing & Events Consultant, Guirim

I want my ideal candidate to be the one who epitomises the true meaning of a LEADER. One who will not just lead but also show the way. Personally, I want excellent sanitation facilities & feeding room at public places for ladies with newborn & toddlers. These are there in other states, especially Karnataka which I've seen personally, but not in Goa. As women, our biological mechanisms are such that the above two & many more are definitely the need of the hour.

- Agnes Fatima Pinto,

Student, Vasco

The ideal candidate should be one who actually does what he or she has promised. He or she should not keep talking about what they intend to do in the first three months and then do nothing. Roads were promised in Panjim but instead of that now 90 percent of the roads are dug up and it does not look like it will be fixed anytime soon. It is sad to see all the rush to fulfill promises made before previous polls now in prior to fresh elections.

- Shimron Nathan, Student, Panjim

When it comes to choosing an ideal candidate for the elections, here are a few things I would look for: I would firstly choose an individual who does not have any past criminal record, especially sexual offences. I’d vote for a party which has at least about 20% lady candidates. It shows that they respect the caliber of women. I’d like to see the prospective candidate’s manifesto and find out whether he/she has any plans to help women economically, be it in employment or setting up new businesses. Meaningless doles don’t impress me. As a woman I value integrity above all else.

- Joanne da Cunha,

Actress, Porvorim

The first thing we want is safety of girls and a corruption free Goa. There are more issues which we women face in order to survive. We need equal employment facilities and job opportunities. Our CM Dr. Pramod Sawant promised free water but we have not received supply of water for the past 10 days properly. He had also promised a pothole free Goa from November 1 but that hasn't been the case. I want a candidate who can really solve the problems of women because women really face more issues than men. We want a contender who can rejuvinate Goa.

- Abisha Fernandes,

Penha De Franca, Porvorim, Bardez

Recently we have seen murder and rape cases in our state. Every woman would love to get high security and safety which can make things easier for them. Apart from this women should get equal job opportunities. Mostly in industries women are rejected saying they will not be able to do night shifts and even paid less. I think if a lady is smart she can manage anything. It’s completely unfair to reject someone on basis of gender. Empowering women is extremely essential for the progress of the family as well as the nation. Progress can not be made if half the population is excluded. Every woman today can take a stand on this & we hope the candidate

we vote would also support us.

- Mayanka Harlankar,

Pharma Executive, Bicholim

I totally agree women should and must be given equal opportunities, if the companies today are still working with a regressive mentality it’s a huge loss to the company itself, Women today come with great business knowledge, creativity, superior relationship management abilities, exceptional PR skills, great negotiation capabilities, I not only hope the politicians today realise this and act on it but also try to include more and more young women from non political background in politics to bring in fresh ideas and fresher outlook To add to this I appreciate installation PINK FORCE the initiative recently done by govt of Goa.

- Swapnaa Puujari,

Marketing professional, Dona Paula

Women don’t want criminals. And genuine hardworking candidates who don’t need to be out of this world but just with some basic understanding of the issues of this world (our world being Goa).

- Philomena George,

Housewife, Aldona


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