09 Jun 2024  |   04:53am IST

Not just another game

Today India play Pakistan in the T20 World Cup in New York. Yet another chapter in a very intense rivalry like nothing seen in the world of sport. Fans in Goa state their opinion about the contest and who they feel will drive ahead India’s challenge in the match
Not just another game

Ajit John

It’s India versus Pakistan and as an Indian, I will support my country. I am a great fan of Rohit Sharma and I think he will be the player to watch out for. I also believe the World Cup will come home to India. Pakistan is a good team with good players and in such a match it is difficult to say who will win but I will back my country. It will be an exciting match and it should be great fun.

– Nishan Palkar, Artist

I will be watching the match and I believe India will win the match. I think Hardik Pandya will be the man to watch out for. He is a all-rounder and he is doing well now. The Pakistani team will be under tremendous pressure especially after their loss to the USA. But against India it is still impossible to predict the winner but I believe this Indian team will do well. I think they can go on and win the world cup

– Vedang Naik, Student 

For sure India will win the match because we have a very good team. Virat handles pressure very well and Bumrah will do a good job. Pakistan lost to the USA and they will be under pressure. Absolutely sure India will win

– Pratik Naik, Student

I’m looking forward to this great rivalry in the history of Cricket. India will win the match against Pakistan; and after losing against the USA they would be under pressure. Rishabh Pant will be the man of the match and will be the big player in this match although all eyes will be on Virat Kohli.

– Ian Gupta, Student

Virat kohli will win the match for India against Pakistan, as he is a big match player. He shows his class when there is a pressure situation, especially against Pakistan, which we have been watching for the last so many years. Who can forget that 2 shots which he had played against Harris Rauf during the last T20 world cup. This time King Kohli will win for India. 

– Aftab Khan, Entrepreneur

Both the teams will hope they win the toss first. It’s very important here in New York to win the toss and bowl so that the pitch conditions here in New York are favouring the bowlers especially the first 10 overs. Although we have heard that ICC is working on the pitch to make it more flat for the Sunday clash on this blockbuster match so that it will become an entertaining match with runs on the board. So firstly winning the toss is important. And for Pakistan, coach Gary Kirsten will try to motivate their players for this important game and come up with new plans.

It could be anybody’s game but India is the world’s number team with 80 percent winning chance. And I see Bumrah winning this contest for India.

– Dawood Kardi, Entrepreneur

In the biggest rivalry Ind vs Pak. India will be prioritising in booking a win against Pak. Although Pak will be under huge presence during the game. Surya Kumar looking to be Man of the Match. And Efforts of Rohit Sharma will be important during the game.

– Rohit Malli, Student

India will win the match…man of the match will be our number 18 that is Virat Kohli. He has always been at his best for the big occasion. Pakistan will be the underdog in this match but u cannot write them off after losing to USA but u cannot take them for granted.

– Vasim Shaikh, Entrepreneur

I feel India will win the match and as for which player can win the match for India, it could be anyone from our pool of talented squads, as we have to play as one Unit. Surya Kumar Yadav will be the key player in tomorrow’s match depending on what number he comes out to bat. Pakistan’s loss to the USA might add some pressure, but teams often use such setbacks as motivation to bounce back stronger.

– Ritch Dodamani, Engineer

USA beating Pakistan in a Cricket World Cup game has to be the biggest upset in an ICC tournament. And if Pakistan lose to India, they could very well be eliminated in the first round itself. Two words sum up Pakistan today: timid and clueless. As far as India v/a Pakistan is concerned it’s undoubtedly India who will be the winner and Virat Kohli will be the man of the match.

– Sudhir Patil, Entrepreneur

Definitely, India will win the match and we shall see huge support from the crowd too. I am batting on Virat Kohli who will ensure the Indian team sails through the match comfortably. Yes, Pakistan is already under pressure as they lost their match against a new team like the USA. After all, everyone in India will be glued to their television sets and mobile phones as this is a major outing after the World Cup in India.

– Vinod Kinlekar, Councilor

Definitely, India gonna win. I think Rohit Sharma could be the man of the match. Cricket is a pressure game when it comes to India and Pakistan match the pressure is doubled. India v Pakistan!! We have to admit it … it doesn’t get any bigger in the world of Cricket.

– Imran Shaikh, Entrepreneur

India and Pakistan have met each other seven times before in the previous eight editions of the T20 World Cup & India continues to hold the upper hand with five wins, whereas Pakistan has a solitary victory which gives India an edge going into the match considering Pakistan now have their foot in their mouth after losing to USA.

Virat Kohli will be the man of the match as he always rises up to the occasion when it comes to a high profile match. I will be definitely cheering for Team India in this match as they walk their way to winning the T20 World Cup.

– Rosalina Fernandes, Housewife, Vasco

Rishabh Pant could also produce a memorable knock and add a page in the story of his comeback guiding India towards victory against their arch rivals Pakistan.

Minus the game against USA, Pakistan too have a decent set of batsmen who can spoil India’s party. Keeping my fingers crossed as I am hoping India thrashes them on this big day.

– Irin Blansh, Singer, Producer

Whenever Pakistan and India play each other there is always a lot of pressure and so many expectations from the people. I expect Kohli to play well as among the current lot he has delivered against Pakistan in pressure situations. I think Bumrah will bowl well too as he too bowls relatively well when under pressure.

– Varun Carvalho, Singer


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