Herald: Nothing complicated about this choice

Nothing complicated about this choice

07 Jul 2019 05:43am IST
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07 Jul 2019 05:43am IST
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Highly talented and focussed these individuals interact with the best of the world in their field but still prefer to live in Goa due to the unique lifestyle it allows them to enjoy.



Every age has its peculiarities. Unique

to that specific frame of time. Today as technology develops and spreads at a dramatic pace, its effects are wide spreading. It gives people more options. More options in terms of how one can live one’s life and make those important decisions with regards to the quality of one’s life. In cities like Mumbai, it is not unusual for executives in certain industries to stay at home and work. Thus, saving time on travelling which can be a tedious affair in that city. In Goa however it is very different. Many highly qualifies executives have had to leave the state they love to earn their livelihood. However, with technology many are now taking strategic decisions. Interesting decisions that keep them connected with the jobs they love but also allows them to live in Goa a state they adore.

Jason Fernandes Co-Founder and COO at AEToken was categorical when he said “I love staying in Goa by the beach, but the ability to work internationally from here has been a major plus for me. AEToken is a blockchain based affiliate marketing platform headquartered in Malta. As COO and Co-Founder I oversee daily operations, set comprehensive goals, oversee recruitment and manage relationships with partners/vendors representing combined revenue of 1.2€ Billion monthly. ”

Asked if he intended to continue working in such a relationship all his life and what he felt its benefits were he smiled and said that he intended travel extensively over the next few years. He however maintained that he intended to maintain strong ties to Goa and Goan overseas associations and intend to be back here as much as possible. Expanding on the benefits he said “Insofar as benefits are concerned, my industry has seen a lot of negative regulation and so the majority of competent people in blockchain are located overseas (even if they are often of Indian descent). Working internationally allows for better fellowship with other professionals in the field. Another obvious benefit would be renumeration on par with international standards. If Goa has a weakness it would be that renumeration rates on average are low even when compared to other cities, thus working internationally makes these issues moot”.

Another Goa who has carved his distinct niche is Luke Sequeira who is the founder of @Goa | @Numadic | @DCCPER | @StartupGoa. The resident of Saligao travels extensively across east and west Europe and Canada. As this journalist spoke to Luke, he was preparing for a visit to Berlin. A hotspot it should be said for startups in Europe. Luke said he would never leave Goa, a place he loves passionately but his businesses abroad meant he learnt from the best and given that he operated across geographies, he kept learning new things everyday. I intend to be a digital nomad for the rest of my life. I love the travel though I may slow down in terms of frequency of trips”. He said this life gave him the best of both worlds.

Attempts to contact others proved futile though according to industry sources, there are several of them living in the state.

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