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One with the wild

10 Jun 2018 03:14am IST

Report by
Karsten Miranda

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10 Jun 2018 03:14am IST

Report by
Karsten Miranda

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WildFire is a camping, music and adventure festival that takes various forms of entertainment to beautiful locations in and around Goa. It was the search for alternate venues and genres of entertainment that led to the idea that is WildFire today. Café finds out more

Every now and then, in every friend circle, there is a desire,

a plan, a wish to try something different. The options available for a good night out are great, but over time, there is a craving for something different, something unique. This difference could be in the kind of entertainment offered or just the type of ambience.

The dearth of such options gave rise to the quest for something different and when word about a new plan started spreading, it managed to get the attention of many. There was talk of it being at a beach. But for Goans, to whom the beach is a 24/7 option, it had to be a little more in order to be truly appealing. Surprisingly, word reached outside Goa as well and talk of live music at a secluded beach seemed too good to be true for musicians in other parts of India, as this would be a change from the norm.

So it was no surprise when the second edition of WildFire, the beach edition, was a hit. It was followed by people sharing a similar wavelength and love for music getting together at a camp site. And this was some experience!

“Over the last two editions, we have observed how beautiful locations and close-knit crowds add to the vibe, which cannot be replicated in pubs or clubs. We’ve had some talented singers and guitarists step out of the crowd and deliver powerful performances. Apart from this, the last WildFire saw almost the entire live line-up jam together to give the audiences something they haven’t witnessed before,” says Anoop Allen, who along with fellow Vascokars Arvin Vaz and Kenneth Kamble, conceptualised and curated WildFire.

WildFire is a camping, music and adventure festival that takes various forms of entertainment to beautiful locations in and around Goa. The idea for WildFire stemmed when looking for alternate venues and genres of entertainment and exploring the option of giving people – groups of friends, travellers and even individuals who want to take a break from their stressful lives – a wholesome package of entertainment, stay, food and adventure activities, all in a concentrated 24 hours.

When asked about what pushed them into creating this new niche space, Kenneth states that it was purely about giving something different, something more and wholesome to their patrons.

“In the live music space itself we have stalwarts like The Live Music Project (TLMP), who are doing a brilliant job week after week by providing quality entertainment; the EDM space also has many curators that have a following for themselves and are satisfying their clients’ entertainment needs, week in and week out. With WildFire, we just wanted to do more, to make it not just about the music, but about the venue, food, stay… which is what we are trying to achieve with each of it,” adds Arvin.

The first edition of WildFire was held in a jungle resort close to Dandeli, Karnataka. That was followed by the recently concluded WildFire – Beach Edition, which was held at a scenic beachside venue in South Goa.

“As the concept is about wholesome entertainment, we’ve had artists from across genres perform at both the editions, with the likes of Elvis Lobo, Anirban Halder, Acoustic Pulse, Reeves, Shayne Ballantyne, Joe Ferrao, David Rebello from Goa adding to the live music line-up. The Beach Edition also had the winner of the popular show ‘The Stage - Season 3’, Siddhant Sharma, along with Arjun Dhanraj and Raktim Mahanta from Mumbai. Funnyman Amogh Ranadive was the first stand up comedian to perform at WildFire, while well-known DJs such as Brainwash, AK47, Rainman, Surjal Gupta and Rio have electrified the nights post the live acts,” adds Arvin.

“The response we have been getting is very encouraging but there is still a large number of people who are yet to get the WildFire experience and we are looking forward to mesmerising them with another stellar festival lined up post the monsoons,” adds Kenneth.

And the response has been the talk of the town.

“Goa was beautiful!!! Amazing vibe, beautiful audience and brilliant musicians. Had the opportunity of meeting some the finest musicians I have seen live,” says performer Siddhant Sharma, while adding that one needs to attend and experience one of these camps at least once.

“Love it when your gig takes your travelling series from JW Marriott Bangalore to a tent with a view on a beach in Goa. Can’t compare! What a gig, what an experience,” adds musician Anirban Halder. “WildFire was crazy! I had a great time playing with the Goa collective,” says David Rebello, another musicia, while speaking about the performances.

“The WildFire – Beach Edition has been one amazing experience. The music, camping, location and lovely people around really created the vibe. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend,” says one of the attendees, Khusbhu Devidas.

“It was the best night of our lives. WildFire – Beach Edition was an amazing experience with a musical line-up that was absolutely mind blowing,” adds Valencia Rodrigues.

“It was truly an amazing experience; a breath-taking sight with happy people and good vibes. The enchanting night performance created the perfect morning storm,” adds Nikhil Mahabare.

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