23 May 2020  |   05:12am IST

Outsider celeb’s rant, or a citizen’s voice?

Yesteryear actor and model Pooja Bedi, who now lives in Goa and states that her fiancé is Goan, presented her “views” about the general absence of hygiene in the place where she was quarantined after she entered Goa by road from Mumbai, through a video post. Was this a celebrity rant who or was it that of a citizen concerned about the state of affairs at these centres?
Outsider celeb’s rant, or a citizen’s voice?

Assagao resident and a long-standing member in the celeb-stial space Pooja Bedi who drove into the state shot a film clip at the quarantine centre she had to endure, highlighting the absence of hygiene.  This resulted in the sentiments of Goans being hurt. Let’s hear some of the voices.


She travelled from a Coronavirus hotspot in Mumbai to Goa which was a green zone till travel was allowed. And on arriving in Goa, she raised a storm on the quality of the Govt quarantine facility she was put in, though it was only for a few hours. She should be held accountable for her false "Goan" claim and for endangering the feeling of safety of Goans

Bharat Kamat from Vasco


I understand she tweeted and about the poor quality of the quarantine centre. She has the right to speak but the resentment has to be understood in the context that the people of Goa feel resentful that these people coming here and then criticising the facilities here. I have had people asking me for help to go to Kolhapur and other parts of the country. It is very sad and depressing to see this. The issue with Pooja Bedi is that it is about class. The privileged people have it all, they have houses all over the place but the poor people have nothing. There are so many poor Goans who because they have a house cannot be seen in public. The condescending attitude did not help. It is sad

-Sabina Martins, Social Activist           


Well, I feel that Pooja Bedi has done the right thing for bringing it to our notice cause when we are very particular how we individuals in particular, sanitise our homes and cars than we should be quarantined in facilities that are clean and sanitized. Seeing how dirty the pillow was in her video and room was dusty, I too would have done the same as I've done many videos in the past.  They didn't use any influence and they had to pay for the facility that was given to them. They didn't have a choice to choose. They have their homes and business and documents here in Goa. So we as Goans should not troll but appreciate that it has been brought to our notice and made it known all over India so that action can be taken faster if a celebrity does it It would help in future to other people entering Goa to be quarantined in a better and clean facility or hotel. Hygiene first- 

Cecile Rodrigues Social activist


The point was that Pooja Bedi spoke about her experiences while in quarantine. As a celebrity, her viewpoint will gain traction. She could have perhaps presented her it in a better manner. You have to understand Goans are sentimental and they take these situations when it happens very personally.  So, a lot of people are talking about this but the bigger situation in the country is the problem of migrants walking thousands of km to reach their home. Coming back to Pooja Bedi  I will say this, she has an opinion and she has a right to present it but it could have been done better

Aniket Naik  Film maker


Leave Goa alone, it’s a state known for peace and harmony. If someone does not like quarantine facilities then go ahead and get a luxurious stay by paying for it. We don’t need bigwigs to come here and dictate to us. We are already under enough of lockdown stress.

-Joseph Rodrigues, Investment  Consultant,  Margao.


Iddhar Udhar