Herald: PUBG: Does Goa need to be concerned about this “dangerous” online game

PUBG: Does Goa need to be concerned about this “dangerous” online game

12 Feb 2019 05:06am IST
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12 Feb 2019 05:06am IST
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Information Technology Minister, Rohan Khaunte, last weekend, urged the Chief Minister to administrate a law to restrict children from playing the game PUBG, as it has affected the minds of youngsters. Many believe that the game has caused less concentration in studies, and unfocused on the important things in life. None the less, family and relationships have been put at stake.



A day ago, Cafe asked a serious player of PUBG

about his passion towards the game PUBG. He answered, “It’s damn good because you can communicate with others through PUBG, and also play games with unknown people from different countries. Nowadays, PUBG players earn more than engineers. You can also put the record of the game on YouTube and people watch, like and share. I believe PUBG is life”

A medical student used to devour a lot of time plying PUBG; he got hooked to it as soon as the game was launched. Then he stopped doing his laundry and daily chores were badly affected, he even carried the phone to the washroom every morning. Later, he uninstalled it considering it to be a serious obstacle in his studies and mental health but after a few days he reinstalled the game. He admits, “It was because my brain was incessantly demanding over and over again to feel the satisfaction and pleasure of getting a chicken dinner.” (Explanation of chicken dinner: In the game, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” mandates that the player can eat one roast chicken (virtually of course) each time he wins a match”

In the month of January, a fitness trainer (anonymous) from Jammu was admitted to the hospital after injuring himself while completing a round in this game. The victim had himself confessed he is recognizing people but is still not conscious as his mind is completely under the influence of the ‘PUBG’ game.

Anonymous on a Forum of PUBG shares his fears, “PUBG causes me more trouble even though I like playing it. My girl is always asking why I’m smiling at my phone; she thinks I’m talking to other girls. I always end up having to explain to her that I’m reacting while playing the game”

Many players of PUBG have admitted that the game makes them feel connected and brave; while that is only in the game, they have lost a lot of friends in the living world.

The Viral Online Meme-

‘If your Bf/Gf doesn’t answer your call, assume he is playing PUBG’.

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