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11 Aug 2018 03:46am IST
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11 Aug 2018 03:46am IST
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‘Podvi’, a tiatr written and directed by

Gloria Ferrao and presented by Realistic Dreams, Valpoi, revolves around pride and its fall. Rita Braganza (Gloria Ferrao), who calls herself a social worker, lives with her husband, Lino (Anthony Mascarenhas), and her two children. Their maid, Carmelin (Elita Fernandes), also lives with them.

Rita is in possession of Carmelin’s property papers and ill-treats her at every fold. Although Lino shows compassion towards the maid, Rita is authoritative and exploits Carmelin. When Carmelin is badly in need of money for her daughter, Rita refuses to assist.

On the other hand, Clara (Fatima) resides with her two sons, Myron (Joesan) and Richie (Christiano). This family is poverty stricken, but the members stay united, despite all odds. Myron assures his mother that after completion of studies, he will support the family by securing a good job and salary.

Tiatr ‘Podvi’ carries a poor script and fails to progress after every scene. There’s nothing much to relate and convey to the audience.

In the comic acts, Marcus as Burkuleo makes efforts to entertain, but lacks a partner on stage.

Anthony Mascarenhas and Gloria Ferrao team as husband and wife, while across the fence, there is Fatima as the matriarch of her family. Joesan and Christiano as siblings look comfortable with each other.

In the category of songs, there were solos by Salvador Afonso, Collin Crasto and Joesan Afonso, besides duets by Anthony Mascarenhas and Gloria and a choral by Cliffa and Elita. But a trio had to be dropped due to poor coordination between the singers and the musicians. A quartet went amiss in the drama. Other songs, besides cantos as mentioned in the summary, were not delivered on stage.

Although it was a poor presentation from Realistic Dreams, Valpoi, the stage sets need to be commended. But the properties on stage like the computer table, dinner table, the wash basin were hardly utilised by the artistes.

Alex and his team provided music to the songs.

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