Herald: Progression through regression

Progression through regression

13 Jun 2017 04:53am IST
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13 Jun 2017 04:53am IST
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Aysha Sharma, is a psychotherapist and counsellor who is aiming to find a solution for her clients through her sessions with them. Café talks to her about how she connects with them

Dolcy D’Cruz

There is a particular pattern in our behaviour, which has been influenced by an event which took place years ago. If the situation that formed this behaviour was positive, a person’s outlook itself could be changed, empowering the person altogether. About 15 years ago, the term psychotherapy must have sounded unusual but over the years, people have come to realise how this form of therapy can be empowering for them to get over their negativity.

“People are becoming aware of psychotherapy and counselling, and they can see a difference as they need someone to empower them and be a facilitator to their next step. The session is more of a conversation, which aims to find a solution and the therapist should create an environment of trust, non-judgement and acceptance,” says Aysha Sharma, who has been practising in Goa, in Margao and now Panjim. Her ability to connect easily with people and provide them with the environment to rediscover themselves, make her sessions fun, inspiring and introspecting.

“I get clients who start off their session by saying “I just watched ‘Bahuballi last night.” It is a different experience with each client, as every moment is unknown, but I have to constantly listen to what they have to say, because somewhere is that one clue to all the problems, the simplest issue and I cannot lose track of it,” says Aysha.

Aysha has been practising for nearly 15 years in Goa. A post graduate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, she is a behavioural therapist and mind coach, integral eye movement practitioner, integrated energy therapist, hand writing analyst, provocative change practitioner, soft skill trainer and master trainer in entrepreneur development. She was a visiting faculty member with National Institute of Construction Management and Sri Sri Institute of Management Studies Goa in teaching Managerial Skills. Currently, she is a consultant at Traya Wellness Centre, Dona Paula.

Her youngest client has been a four year old, and she feels that it is important to understand their behavioural patterns early on. “I use play therapy with children and Crystal Therapy works wonders with kids, as it is soothing and works well with their energy. Most of the time it is the parents who have to be worked upon, not the child; but it is easier to work with the child as they work well with drawing sand colours, and their problems usually have the root at home. Teachers notice a change in behavioural patterns, as sometimes a child who is very jovial or hyper suddenly becomes quiet. Parents generally tend to ignore these changes, but I must applaud the parents who take the initiative to understand their children. I have amazing conversations with children as they are honest and naïve, and not conditioned to put on a mask for society,” says Aysha. She also adds that a teacher can use simple sentences that can both empower as well as destroy a child.

While listening to so many life stories can be influential on the mind, Aysha is skilled at being only a therapist who works passionately. “When I’m sitting in my chair at a session, I feel like I am an instrument or a channel chosen by the Divine. There is so much to learn, and it also helps me grow as a person. The primary foundation of my relationship with my client is of trust and confidentiality; and I know everything about them, their life and their experiences…but it is only in that room. Once we are on common ground, I do not acknowledge them. Goa is a small state and the society is not open enough to accept that a person may need a therapist before they are driven to the edge,” explains Aysha, who spends 45 minutes to an hour with each client.


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