Herald: Rainbow – A Goan web series

Rainbow – A Goan web series

23 Sep 2018 04:51am IST
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23 Sep 2018 04:51am IST
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‘Rainbow’ is Goa’s first five-episode web series that revolves around three college students. The series has been directed by Benhur Silva and the first two episodes are already uploaded on YouTube. Café has the details


Benhur Silva is a known name in the world of

Konkani cinema. He has now written the story, screenplay, dialogues and directed Goa’s first five-episode web series, ‘Rainbow’. The story revolves around three college students, Charlie, Yash and Tanya. As Yash is depressed with life, Charlie helps Yash realise the true meaning of life. Each episode is of 12 minutes’ duration. While the first two episodes are already online on YouTube under the channel ‘Ethereal Productions’, the third episode will be released on September 29, 2018 followed by the fourth and fifth episodes on October 6.

The series is produced by Ethereal Productions, which is a film-making venture that comprises young talents producing thought-provoking short films. Till now, all the short films on the channel were made and starred college students only but for the first time, Ethereal Productions has tried something new and has included senior artistes in this web series with John D'Silva leading the show.

The cast includes Benhur Silva as Charlie, Yash Kuvelkar as Yash, Isha Kakodker as Tanya, Nandan Sambari as Rohan and John D'Silva as Prof John. The cinematographer is Chirag Naik, editing is by Christ Silva and the assistant director is Nandan Sambari.

The song ‘Hya Disani’ sung by Sudhindra Shanbhag and Tejaswi Chipolkar, which is already out on YouTube, is penned by Benhur Silva while the music is by Sairaj Ghadge and Sudhindra Shanbhag.

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