Herald: Rebecca’s eco friendly birthday

Rebecca’s eco friendly birthday

13 Dec 2018 03:36am IST
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13 Dec 2018 03:36am IST
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No age is too young to be environmentally aware and do your bit for the ecology and a young girl from Panjim proved just that with her uniquely themed tenth birthday


It’s not uncommon for kids to want colourful and

exuberant birthday parties with balloons, glitter and cute themes like fairies, superheroes, Disney princesses, etc. And while that’s fair and fine as every child deserves the party of their dreams, it’s wonderful to come across a little girl with a different thought process.

Rebecca de Souza, a child gospel singer from Std 4 at Sharada Mandir School decided to celebrate her tenth birthday, a milestone in any child’s life, with Mother Nature, asking for an eco themed party.

‘Reuse Reduce & Recycle with Rebecca’ set the ball rolling and a lot of care was taken while planning for the day. The markets are flooded with plastic but the family wanted to be environmentally friendly in everything they use so they spent quite the time looking out for eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo plates, steel and glass serving platters lined with banana leaves, etc.

For the takeaway gift, Rebecca wanted her little friends to take home their very own potted plant. After much searching, a local potter/artisan from Bicholim was happy to make the pots for the birthday. Even the décor was given post IFFI by a stall owner who liked Rebecca’s idea. This included paper flags and posters that were used in the stall. Reused and loving it!

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