Herald: Restore Goa – A musical plea

Restore Goa – A musical plea

28 Jun 2018 05:56am IST
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28 Jun 2018 05:56am IST
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The song ‘Amchem Goem, Amkam Zai’ is a collaboration between Goans spread across India, the Middle East and Europe. It is also the fourth single by Andrew Ferrao Collaborations. Café finds out more about this single that has struck a chord with Goans, who are not happy about the state of affairs in Goa



There seems to be one common topic of discussion these

days and you can hear this at the balcao, a social gathering in Goa or even abroad, among the Goan diaspora. It’s the feeling of discontentment with the state of affairs in Goa and the frustration about all the terrible things one keeps reading in the news, which is a far cry from the peaceful Goa that seems to be confined to one’s memories only.

There was a similar conversation recently in Dubai, when the highly rated musician, music composer and producer, Andrew Ferrao,who was there for a performance, met up with his old friends, Billy Joe Fernandes and William Britto. The conversation veered towards the current situation in Goa and the issues faced by the activists and locals. There was disappointment, anger and concern over how Goa was being destroyed and misused by the ones in power.

Those thoughts took the form of a song aptly named ‘Amchem Goem Amkam Zai’.

“The song is a collaboration between Goans spread across India, the Middle East and Europe, who feel it’s time to unite and speak out against the injustice perpetrated by the nexus of business and government in our beloved homeland, Goa. We stand united with those fighting these injustices on ground zero. This song is a message to them that they are not alone, and a war cry to warn the perpetrators to change their ways, lest the tide of revolution sweeps them out and away,” says the team behind the song.

Andrew had absolutely no clue how this collaboration would fall into place when he met Aviella D’Souza, a young well known Goan singer, based in Dubai. She recommended Nakash Borker as a very good lyricist. The song was written by Nakash and composed by Andrew. Nakash and Andrew sang parts of the song and were vocally supported by Anup Painginkar, an IT engineer by profession, Divina Braganza E Moraes and Aviella.

The song was recorded over a period of four weeks, whenever the singers were available. Dexter Furtado from Dubai played the trumpet segments. Back in Mumbai, Sabs Andrade invited Smaran Savanal, an accomplished musician, to record tabla and percussion. Smaran is an animation director by profession. Sabs, a Goan music composer and producer based in Mumbai, then recorded guitars and bass, and put everything together to create the final mix.

Many friends joined in to be a part of the video. Darin Fernandes, the son of the late Nelson Fernandes, who was an activist from Cansaulim, shot parts of the video from Abu Dhabi. Felly Gomes, a well-known Pro Goa activist, shot his parts in Spain. Theo Rodrigues got friends in Kuwait to be a part of the video as well. The parts in Dubai and Mumbai were shot entirely on an iPhone. The video has been directed by Andrew Ferrao.

Many artistes have contributed by making artwork and logos for promo videos on social media and the illustration artwork made by Billytoons Goa (Billy Joe Fernandes) has struck a chord with Goans who are unhappy with the state of affairs in Goa.

Speaking about that particular artwork, Andrew explains that he had requested Billy to work on it, even giving him the lyrics for inspiration.

“I just went with the flow of the songs, matching the lyrics and a simple artwork showing the scenery and people working around,” says Billy.

The logo was done by Prashant Pagi, who is also based in Dubai, while from Mumbai, the video editing and colouring was done by Gavin Brako and the graphics by Ranson Mendonca, both from Noise Studios.

The production also received a lot of support from individuals and organisations who believed in the message.

That has been the theme of Andrew Ferrao Collaborations as their earlier project were also anthems promoting social causes and urging Goans to wake up and take up these issues.While Andrew Ferrao Collaborations had produced songs ‘Mai Ghe Dhobitalao’, ‘Hanv Noko Ami Noko’ in the past, their current song comes on the heels of their third song, ‘Utt Goemkara/Arey Balla’, a mash-up that was a tribute to late Fr Bismarque Dias and his activism and values.

Andrew, who is from Verna and based in Mumbai, has brushed shoulders with some of the world’s best musicians and has played at several prestigious halls but believes that it is important for every Goan to play their part in trying to save Goa from the direction it seems to be heading.

Reacting to the response their latestsong has received since it was released,the group says that they are absolutely enjoying the experience and it has spurred them to come out with more songs in the future.

“All our future releases will have social messages aimed at creating awareness in Goa. Never underestimate the power of music and music has always been part of any revolution. We have a couple more songs produced and we are planning on making some more videos in the coming months,” concludes Andrew.

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