Herald: Ronaldo’s ‘in the game’
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Ronaldo’s ‘in the game’

17 Jun 2017 06:30am IST
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17 Jun 2017 06:30am IST
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With Cristiano finally on the cover of EA Sports’ FIFA, arguably the world’s best football gaming platform, Café asks gaming aficionados what, in their opinion, took this long for it to come to pass


Team Café


For many Ronaldo fans, who are also FIFA gaming fans, this is finally their year. EA Sports has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo will be their global cover star for FIFA 18, which will be released on September 29. The Real Madrid star is already the early favourite for this year's Ballon d'Or, and has landed one individual honour for 2017 already, having been named the face of arguably the world's most popular football game for the first time in his career.

The ‘17 edition of the game broke gaming records as the best-selling console title in the world for the year, and EA believes that '18 will go even further, with its producers having gone to Madrid, where they spent an entire day with Ronaldo, to track his exact movements, so they could bring the world's best player to life. Ronaldo went on to take part in a motion-capture session at EA studios in Madrid, to create his most accurate in-game likeness ever.

Ronaldo’s presence at the centre of FIFA 18 will further up the ante in the rivalry that he shares with Lionel Messi, given that the Argentine featured on the cover of FIFA from editions 13-16. However, after the latter’s contract with the gaming franchise ran out, he was replaced by Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund, and now the next cover will feature Ronaldo, who, along with Neymar, wasn’t a favourable option earlier, given that both players had contracts with rivals Konami, who make Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA fans can already pre-order the 'Ronaldo Edition' of the new game, which has a host of extra features.


Café catches up with FIFA gaming fans in Goa, asking how big it is to finally have Ronaldo on the FIFA cover, and what they feel about it taking so long to finally get him on one:


Despite being a terrific footballer in his prime, Cristiano Ronaldo did not make it to the covers of FIFA on the PS4. Messi was chosen for FIFA 13, 14, 15 and 16 on the FIFA PS4 cover, so it must be really a big moment for Ronaldo, when he finally got chosen for the FIFA 18 PS4 cover. It probably took so much time to get him on the FIFA 18 PS4 cover because of the decline in Ronaldo's fans and increase in Messi's.
Shawn Pacheco


I'm not Ronaldo's biggest fan, but there is no doubt he is one of the greatest players of all time. In recent years, we've had some great past legends like Beckham and Henry, as well as modern superstars like Rooney and Messi, who have graced the covers of the FIFA series. It seems only fitting that Ronaldo gets to be the cover star after winning the Champions League, La Liga, Club World Cup and the Euro Championship, as well as numerous individual honours in a span of one year.
Akio Fernandes


Having Ronaldo on the cover of FIFA is huge! It's been a long time coming. He has been just amazing in the last two seasons and actually just strived for more and more. It wouldn't have been this long to get him on the cover of FIFA, as Messi just dominated the scenes for quite some time and Ronaldo was bound to his contract with PES. FIFA 18 is going to be a bomb, Ronaldo on the cover is just magical.
Duncan Marlon Rodrigues


Messi was the mainstay poster boy for four consecutive years after being replaced by fan favourite Marco Reus last year; and now finally Cristiano Ronaldo! After the phenomenal season he had this year, he completely deserves it. After being the cover star on the PES series a few years ago, Ronaldo ever representing FIFA seemed unlikely. I frankly feel that the past FIFA titles with Messi particularly being on the cover were majorly because he outperformed Ronaldo; but this year is Cristiano's, his performances have proven that.
Ayman Aga


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