Herald: Rotary Rain Run anthem by Varun Carvalho launched

Rotary Rain Run anthem by Varun Carvalho launched

29 Jul 2018 05:28am IST
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29 Jul 2018 05:28am IST
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When 2,000-odd runners get ready to take part in

the 5kms, 10kms and 21 kms races on Sunday morning at the SAG stadium, Bambolim, as part of the Rotary Rain Run initiative, they will be greeted to an anthem to cheer them along.

On Friday, Rotary Rain Run released the video of ‘Let’s go RRR!’ – the Rotary Rain Run anthem sung by singers Varun Carvalho and Irina Blansh – at the Ambrosia building in Patto, Panjim.

“The anthem is called ‘Let’s Go’. I wrote the lyrics and composed the anthem, the music arrangement was done by Mukesh Ghatwal and the anthem was sung by Irina and I. I hope after listening to the song, people will get inspired to get up and start running. I also want to give the message through the song to leave your past behind and move forward in life. One way to move forward is to pick yourself up and start moving,” says Varun, while speaking about the launch of the song.

“The song is very inspirational and has an infectious beat to it that makes you want to get up and get a move on life. The song also makes for a great running companion and the runners can listen to the song while they run,” adds Irina.

Varun adds that he hopes people of all ages and all walks of life get motivated by the song and that it inspires them to take up to running and to lead a healthy life style. “Running has been scientifically proved to be beneficial for the mind, body and soul and we want people to include running in their daily routine. We also want to promote running for a cause,” adds Varun.

On that note, Varun explains that he had connected with the concept of Rotary Ran Rain and how they support women's health and children's education, adding that the proceeds of the run will go to these causes and that makes a big difference to him. He also praises the Rotary Club for their past successful editions and wishes all the participants best of luck for this year’s edition.

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