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Serenity at its best

17 Nov 2018 05:06am IST
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17 Nov 2018 05:06am IST
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The recently held 44th State Art Exhibition 2018-19 was a beautiful display of

vibrant artworks that acted like a gateway to emotions, thoughts and daily life. The exhibition, held at the Black Box at Kala Academy Panjim, displayed paintings, graphic prints, photographs and sculptures by different artists.

The entire exhibition was based on daily life on earth, deep emotions of people, awareness messages through artworks, and growing life. Rough textures were used by artists to enhance the message portrayed in the artwork. Portraits of people were also seen in the exhibition, whose faces showed expressions and emotions of grief, tragedy and peace. Through these artworks, artists wished to convey social messages like child suicide because of marks and grades, chopped dreams of women who spend almost their whole life working in the kitchen, etc.

The award-winning artwork, ‘Blindness starts after 60’, which gave the message of driving safe with a speed limit, was also on display. The photograph was an extreme close up shot of the human eye, with a speedometer as the pupil.

In the Paintings and Graphic Print section, the first award winner was the painting titled ‘Save Goan Serenity’, portraying a human form with flowers and creepers as hair, and the sea life shown with the fish bone on the neck; the painting was filled with a beautiful yellowish golden colour of beach sand and the calming blue colour of the sea.

Among the sculptures, ‘Urban life, culture and its politics’ was the first award winner.

The vibe around the place was peaceful as it showcased nature and emotions of people, but it was also chaotic because of the fine details in each artwork, which had a deeper message than what you can normally see. The exhibition was inaugurated by Govind Gaude, Minister for Art and Culture of Goa and the Chairman of Kala Academy Goa.

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