18 Mar 2023  |   05:52am IST

Shidiyotsav and Gadyotsav festival celebrated in Balli with great enthusiasm

Hundreds of devotees took blessings of Shree Shantadurga Ballikarin and received Kaul prasad from GODO Gadyotsavam of Shree Shantadurga
Shidiyotsav and Gadyotsav festival celebrated in Balli with great enthusiasm

Vijay Dessai

Annual Shidiyotsav and Gadyotsav festival of Sree Shantadurga Ballikarin Sansthan in Balli was celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious spirit. On March 16th, around 8:30 in the morning, the Traditional GODO was raised on the wooden LATH (horizontal wooden log tied right angles to Vertical wooden bar) erected in front of the temple. Godo was tied face down to earth on a horizontal log and was swung from clock to anti clock wise. After that, the devotees present accepted Kaul Prasad from the hands of the godo.

This festival is ancient and has great meaning. The Mahajans of Ballikarin have a unique ritual of GODO bhetovni which means every boy takes the blessing from Goddess on the day of Godetsov . They pin a needle and thread to the abdomen of the boy and they fast and offer prayers to the Kuldevi.

This festival has rich History .Devotees present their worries and problems before the Goddess Ballikarin and ask blessings to resolve the problems they are facing and ask for blessings to fulfill their wishes .It is believed that devotees get what they ask from the goddess. In fact it’s a five day festival which started from March 13 and ended yesterday.

As part of festival Gulalotsav was celebrated yesterday in the morning and at night Rituals of Galkhamb and Garane were performed.

This festival has a special importance and the Mahajans of Devi perform the ritual of offering their children to the Goddess. A LATH wooden log wave was installed in front of the temple after a special ritual and then on the day of Gadayotsava, the GODO give blessings to devotees and ask godess blessings on all devotees. On Monday 13th, a procession of Devi was taken out in Vijayaratha.

On Tuesday 14th, on the day of divjotsav, women offered divaj to the goddess. At night Devi was taken out in a procession on a lion chariot. On Wednesday 15th morning, after the completion of the religious rituals, a procession of Devi was taken out on Maharatha. Devi’s Mahajans, Kulavi, participated in the Maharatha procession. On Thursday the 16th, the famous Gadeutsav of the Goddess was celebrated with great fanfare. Thousands of devotees were present on this occasion.

The President of the Sansthan Committee, Nilesh Phal Desai, Nitin Phal Desai, Sreejit Phal Desai and Sameer Phal Desai and other Mahajans worked hard to make Shidayotsav a success.