Herald: Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond

09 Aug 2018 04:53am IST
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09 Aug 2018 04:53am IST
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Young children, part of a project that seeks to provide their talent with a platform, had left an impression when people heard them for the first time. Their music videos were the rage and now they are moving from the virtual world to the live music scene with their upcoming concert


For any budding musician, the desire to play on

stage in front of a live audience is huge. It is a place where all their trials and preparations are tested and a good show always sets the stage for their future.

For youngsters who are part of the Uncut Diamonds by Neil Dcruz project, the energy levels are at a super high; they have already tasted a bit of success with their videos being well received on social media and have decided to show Goa that they have what it takes to have a live concert of their own as well.

Musician Neil Dcruz is presenting the Uncut Diamonds live show on August 14, 2018 at Farmhouse, Benaulim.

“It will be a show where students from all over South Goa will showcase their talent, be it musicians comperes, photo/ videographers or stage management... everything will be done by school students,” says Neil, who has made it his quest to guide these students and nurture their talents.

“Music played will be from all genres, jazz pop rock dance modern etc, in Hindi, Konkani and English. There will be group and solo songs,” he adds.

The youngsters who will showcase their talent are: Falgun Mopar (drums), Bradley Rodrigues (bass), Nash Fernandes (lead guitar), Megan Martins (keyboard /vocals), Crysller Gama (trumpet), Dhiti Lotlikar (vocals), Crizelda Menezes Gama (vocals/ violin), Nadia Da Silva (vocals), Dwayne De Cruz (vocals/drums), Brisen Whyte (vocals/bass), Sharada Phadke (vocals), Rhyv Cota (vocals), Yolan Fernandes (vocals/ rhythm guitar) and Nathan Parakh (vocals/ guitar).

The live concert is just part of a long series of plans to promote these children.

Over the last few months since its inception, some of Goa’s leading musicians have collaborated with Neil and the aim has been to share what they have learned over the years with the youngsters in a professional set up.

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