28 Jun 2020  |   05:31am IST

Singing cop Brendan’s clear message: Have drugs, go to jail

A song requesting the youth to say no to drugs by a Police Inspector Brendan de Souza released on the occasion of world anti-drug day has caught the attention of the general public
Singing cop Brendan’s clear message: Have drugs, go to jail

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A song by a police inspector from the Goa police against the dangers of drugs has caught the fancy of the general public. Brendon De Souza PI Traffic at the headquarters in Panjim played the song along with Nigel Pereira and Elvis De Souza. The song was composed by Elvis de Souza, while the screenplay was directed by PI Traffic in Panjim, Brendan de Souza

The song called “Say no to drugs” aims to create awareness amongst the youth about the dangers of drugs and where it can take you if you let it take over your life. The PI said June 26 is the world anti- drug day and the song was composed after he was given the responsibility to come up with something that would help spread the message of the dangers of consuming drugs. He was supported by the IGP Jaspal Singh as well as the head of the anti-narcotic cell.

The song showcases the dangers through a story of a character essayed by Brijesh Kakodkar who is in the grip of depression and is walking about. He comes across two young men who suggest he try drugs because according to them, drugs would help him snap out of this funk and help him live life with great spirit. He believed them and consumed cocaine. He felt the high of consuming that drug but it was obvious he did not enjoy the lows. He wanted to keep experiencing the high and continued abusing the drug. Over a period of time, he ran out of money and was forced to sell gold to get money to buy drugs. One day while he was on a high, he was apprehended by the police. His life as he knew it had come to a rather miserable end.

De Souza said “Please remember if you start consuming drugs, you will eventually end up in jail because we are very strict in these matters are continuously conducting raids. Remember consuming drugs is a crime in the eyes of the law”.  The police, he said was focussed on ending the consumption of drugs which would then make it difficult for dealers to stay in the business. The police he said were doing their job very aggressively and had apprehended Rs 10 crores worth of drugs this year. It was he said a significant push by the force and this would continue.

The song he said had been released on social and digital media because the youth at whom the song was targeted accessed these platforms continuously. The youth, he said was part of a very important fabric of society and anything befalling them would have a very bad impact on the future. This fight he said was also important because with Goa being a tourist destination, there were always people who wanted to have such substances and have fun while on a holiday. The fight would be long and hard and this song was a serious attempt to fight this very dangerous enemy.



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