Herald: Stalking – A real and virtual menace
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Stalking – A real and virtual menace

10 Aug 2017 05:22am IST

Report by
Dolcy D’Cruz

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10 Aug 2017 05:22am IST

Report by
Dolcy D’Cruz

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With the increasing cases of molestation and rape, women are joining self defence classes to get more confident and physically fit to fight against attackers. Café speaks to women about their experiences of dealing with stalkers online and in the real world


Women are strong minded and confident



protecting themselves

when physically threatened

requires a different skill set.

Recently, the case of a young woman from Haryana

being stalked

came to light when her father complained to the police and posted on social media about the


. The police were quick to track


the culprits and took action against them even though he was the son of Haryana’s BJP Chief.

In Goa too, stalking is something

most women have had to face

. While walking on the street itself, a stranger


keep a lookout for you or come up and try to

start a

conversation. “I work in Panjim and even during the day



the streets are

buzzing with people, there are men who stalk women. As I was walking for lunch, a man on a bike stopped and asked for directions. Even though I noticed that it was a Goa registered bike, I explained the route. The next day, he again asked for directions. This time I bluntly asked him, if he really wanted directions. That’s when he said that

he wanted to be friends with

me. I was furious

and I yelled

at him in public. Since then, thankfully


I have not seen him again,” shares Dorothy D’Silva.

Mary Fernandes from Mapusa works at a renowned hotel in Panjim.

Working the

night shift, she used to ride home. Now, she travels by car which is much safer. “The stretch from Sangolda to Guirim has no proper street lighting and though it is the highway, it gets pretty dark when there are no vehicles on the road. I travel home after I finish my duty


around 3am


and I often come across men

on bikes and cars who slow down or dodge their vehicles when they realise it is a single woman. When I used to be on the bike, boys


even locals


would purposely ask for directions to strike


a conversation. I never stopped or replied because that was not the time or place to make small talk with potential threats,” says Mary.

Perpetua Fernandes from Margao

faced online stalking when she

added a stranger on a calling and messaging app on her phone. That was her biggest mistake which she regretted for two whole weeks. “I received a Facebook Messenger request to chat and I added this individual who I thought was a college friend who shared the same name. From the moment I accepted his request, I started receiving calls from his account which I did not respond to. Usually, if one refuses to answer your call, you should understand that this person is not interested in having a conversation. However, this person went on calling and messaging me for two continuous weeks. The minute I used to open the app, I would start getting calls and messages, till one night


when I went online and messaged that person not to bother me

. W

hen he still didn’t oblige, I finally blocked him,” Perpetua recollects that ordeal.

Though we regard Goa to be much safer than other states in the country, women should always have their guard up against possibl





. Safety


whether online or in the real world


should not be taken for granted.

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