13 Jan 2022  |   06:27am IST

Still being chased by the big clubs

There is speculation that Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Manchester United and move over to PSG to partner Messi. This follows reports that all is not well between him and the coach Ralf Ragnick, a claim denied by the club. Fans in Goa had much to say
Still being chased by the big clubs

Team Café

It is highly unlikely that two big names in world football are playing together. Not at least in the twilight of their careers. Reminds me of Real Madrid Galaticos: Figo, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo (Brazil) Roberto Carlos Michael Owen. Good for the sport though!

- James Mendonca,

Working Professional, Duler Mapusa.

Well anything is possible in the world of football. Egos are involved and yes the people behind PSG have the money power to make such a move possible. It would be interesting if it actually happens but perhaps one will have to wait and see.

- Upesh Morajkar,

HR Manager, Vasco

I don’t think it is possible. Yes, he may have issues with the coach at the moment but it can be sorted out. Man U needs him and his performances have been eye-catching. If he goes over to PSG will he get the same top billing with Messi and Mbappe around? Messi has had problems adjusting to life in PSG. The two of them are now towards the end of their respective careers. Yes, they are superstars and have motivation levels us common folk may not understand but it perhaps makes me more prudent to stay put in MAN U. Well let’s see how it all works out.

- Vivek Kudaskar,

Engineer, Mayem

I have followed his career and it has been marked by great success wherever he has gone. Now back in Man U in his second innings, it has been different. He is a different kind of player and the manager in charge has a different approach to the game. That can and will lead to friction. Yes, I have read the media reports of the approach made by PSG. Well it could be news planted by his agent to exert pressure on the MU coach. A move to PSG will mean he will be another cog in a wheel which has players like Messi, Mbappe to name just two. He is older and cannot be the centre of the team. Let’s hope sanity prevails and he stays at Man U.

- Milind Naik,

Artist, Narvem

This development is certainly one that came out of the blue. As a fervent MAN u fan, this is not something I am happy with. Yes, the team has been underwhelming to put it mildly. We are presently ranked 7 in the Premier League and I think we will stay mid table this season. And now reports of a rift between Cristiano and the Manager are the last thing we needed. If he leaves, it will have a psychological effect on the squad. I hope all the parties involved think about the team.

- Johnny Carvalho,

Business, Nagoa

Yeah.. I've heard about these rumours. I'm a Ronaldo fan personally. Both the players are in the twilight of their careers and I am more interested to see them play for one last time in the Fifa World Cup at Qatar. Although I was excited to see CR7 back as a Red Devil, I think the move came at the wrong time when the team was in a rebuilding phase. I would be more excited to see him back as the Manager at Man United one day. Both he and Messi have had an extraordinary career and it's about time we shift our focus on the next set of Superstars in the Beautiful Game..!

- Omi, Musician,


Well that’s international football for you at the highest level. Big money chasing the stars even if they seem to be in the latter stages of their career, that’s a reality. If he makes the move and if Mbappe leaves then yes, he will have a solid place in the squad and then he and Messi can wreak havoc in the French league and importantly in the Champions league. PSG wants to win that title which has escaped their clutches in the past. They have the Emiratis backing them with oil money so they have the budget. Let’s see how it all works out.

- Leander Rocha,

Businessman, Bicholim